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21 Tiered Tray Easter Decorations

21 Tiered Tray Easter Decorations

As Easter approaches, it’s time to usher in the spirit of renewal and celebration with charming decorations that capture the essence of the holiday. Tiered trays, with their versatile design and compact footprint, offer the perfect canvas for crafting delightful Easter displays. In this article, we’ll explore 21 enchanting tiered tray Easter decorations that are sure to add a touch of whimsy and elegance to your Easter celebrations.

1. Easter Egg Tower by Lemon8

Create an Easter egg tower by stacking colorful plastic or decorated eggs in varying sizes on each tier of the tray. Add faux grass or Easter basket filler to the base of each layer for a festive and dynamic centerpiece.

2. Bunny Figurines by The Tattered Pew

Arrange bunny figurines of different sizes and styles on each tier of the tray, interspersed with greenery or floral accents. Opt for ceramic, resin, or plush bunnies to add a charming touch to your Easter display.

3. Floral Arrangements by Sanctuary Home Decor

Floral Arrangements by Sanctuary Home Decor

Craft floral arrangements using fresh or artificial flowers in pastel shades like pink, lavender, and yellow. Arrange the blooms in small vases or mason jars on each tier for a delicate and elegant Easter centerpiece.

4. Miniature Easter Baskets by Studio Diy

Fill miniature Easter baskets with candy eggs, chocolates, or jellybeans and place them on each tier of the tray. Tie colorful ribbons or bows around the handles for an adorable and festive addition to your Easter decor.

5. Carrot Decorations by Elle Marie Home

Add carrot decorations to your tiered tray by placing ceramic or wooden carrot figurines on each tier, along with sprigs of faux greenery or carrot-shaped candies. These whimsical accents evoke the playful spirit of the Easter bunny’s favorite treat.

6. Easter Greeting Signs by Crafts by Courtney

Incorporate Easter greeting signs or plaques with festive messages like “Happy Easter” or “Hoppy Easter” on each tier of the tray. Choose signs made of wood, metal, or chalkboard for a rustic or farmhouse-inspired touch.

7. Nesting Birds by Decorative Inspirations

Arrange small nesting bird figurines or ornaments on each tier of the tray, nestled among faux nests, moss, or shredded paper. These charming accents evoke the arrival of spring and add a touch of natural beauty to your Easter display.

8. Decorative Eggs by Bbc Good Food me

Display decorative eggs in various styles and materials, such as ceramic, wood, or papier-mâché, on each tier of the tray. Mix and match patterns, colors, and textures for an eclectic and eye-catching Easter centerpiece.

9. Springtime Figurines by Small for Big

Incorporate springtime figurines like lambs, chicks, or butterflies on each tier of the tray to symbolize renewal and new beginnings. Opt for whimsical or vintage-inspired figurines to infuse your Easter display with nostalgic charm.

10. Cross Decorations by Leap of Faith Crafting

Add cross decorations or religious symbols to your tiered tray to honor the spiritual significance of Easter. Choose crosses made of wood, metal, or resin and embellish them with floral accents or ribbon for a reverent and elegant touch.

11. Candy Jars by Hgtv

Fill small jars or containers with Easter-themed candies like chocolate eggs, jellybeans, or marshmallow chicks and place them on each tier of the tray. Tie ribbons or twine around the jars for a sweet and indulgent addition to your Easter decor.

12. Butterfly Ornaments by Picture Box Blue

Hang butterfly ornaments or embellishments from the edges of each tier of the tray to evoke the beauty and whimsy of springtime. Opt for delicate paper butterflies, glittering ornaments, or colorful silk butterflies for a playful and enchanting Easter display.

13. Pastel Candles by Catholic all Year

Arrange pastel-colored candles in glass votive holders or candlesticks on each tier of the tray to add warmth and ambiance to your Easter centerpiece. Choose candles in shades of pink, blue, or lavender to complement your Easter color scheme.

14. Easter Story Books by Mary Martha Mama

Display Easter storybooks or religious texts on each tier of the tray for a meaningful and educational addition to your Easter decor. Choose books with colorful illustrations and engaging stories to captivate children and adults alike.

15. Peeps Marshmallow Chicks by Beyond Flour Blog

Arrange Peeps marshmallow chicks in vibrant colors like yellow, pink, and blue on each tier of the tray for a playful and nostalgic Easter treat. Mix and match different Peeps varieties, such as bunnies, chicks, or eggs, for a whimsical and festive display.

16. Easter Cookie Cutters by Re Model and Olacasa

Place Easter-themed cookie cutters in shapes like bunnies, eggs, or flowers on each tier of the tray for a fun and interactive element to your Easter display. Use the cookie cutters to create festive treats or decorations for your Easter celebration.

17. Miniature Garden Decor by Hello Gnome Decor

Add miniature garden decor like fences, wheelbarrows, or garden tools to each tier of the tray, along with small potted plants or succulents. Create a charming miniature garden scene that celebrates the beauty of spring and nature.

18. Ribbon and Bow Accents by Simply Crafty Life

Tie colorful ribbons or bows around the edges of each tier of the tray to add a festive and decorative touch. Choose ribbons in pastel shades or Easter-themed patterns like polka dots, stripes, or gingham for a whimsical and charming accent.

19. Easter Egg Hunt Scene by Creative Market

Create a miniature Easter egg hunt scene on each tier of the tray by arranging plastic or chocolate eggs among faux grass, nests, or Easter basket filler. Add small figurines of children, bunnies, or chicks to complete the playful and festive display.

20. Springtime Garland by Kelly Elko

Drape a springtime garland made of faux flowers, greenery, or Easter egg ornaments around the edges of each tier of the tray for a whimsical and decorative accent. Choose garlands in pastel colors or Easter-themed motifs to complement your Easter decor.

21. Personalized Easter Ornaments by Home and Garden

Add personalized Easter ornaments or decorations featuring family photos, names, or special messages to each tier of the tray. Create custom ornaments using wood, paper, or clay for a meaningful and heartfelt addition to your Easter display.

From whimsical bunny figurines to elegant floral arrangements and playful Easter egg displays, these decorations capture the spirit of Easter in style. Whether you’re hosting a festive gathering, decorating your home, or simply spreading Easter cheer, these tiered tray decorations provide endless opportunities to showcase your creativity and celebrate the beauty of the season.