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21 Mason Jar Summer Crafts

21 Mason Jar Summer Crafts

As summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to get creative and infuse your home with the vibrant colors and cheerful vibes of the season. Mason jars, with their versatile nature and rustic charm, offer endless possibilities for crafting delightful summer decorations and accessories. In this article, we’ll explore 21 charming Mason jar summer crafts that are easy to make and perfect for adding a touch of sunshine to your home decor.

1. Sunflower Mason Jar Vase by Crafts by Amanda

Create a sunflower mason jar vase by painting a jar yellow and adding a sunflower design with acrylic paint or vinyl decals. Fill the jar with fresh sunflowers for a cheerful centerpiece that brings a touch of summer to any room.

2. Beach-Inspired Mason Jar Lanterns by A Pumpkin and a Princess

Craft beach-inspired mason jar lanterns by filling jars with sand, seashells, and small candles. Place them on outdoor tables or hang them from trees for a whimsical and romantic ambiance during summer evenings.

3. Citronella Mason Jar Candles by One Little Project

Make citronella mason jar candles by filling jars with citronella oil and adding floating wicks. These candles not only provide ambient lighting but also help repel mosquitoes, making them perfect for summer evenings spent outdoors.

4. Mason Jar Lemonade Dispenser

Create a mason jar lemonade dispenser by attaching a spigot to the bottom of a jar and filling it with freshly squeezed lemonade. Decorate the jar with lemon slices and mint leaves for a refreshing and stylish way to serve drinks at summer gatherings.

5. Pineapple Mason Jar Planter by Our Crafty Mom

Craft a pineapple mason jar planter by painting a jar yellow and adding green leaves and black dots to resemble a pineapple. Plant succulents or herbs inside for a tropical-inspired accent that adds a touch of summer to your home.

6. Firefly Mason Jar Nightlights by Mad in Crafts

Make firefly mason jar nightlights by filling jars with battery-operated string lights or LED candles. Place them in bedrooms or outdoor spaces for a magical glow that evokes the enchantment of summer fireflies.

7. Mason Jar Ice Cream by The Spruce Eats

Create a mason jar ice cream bar by filling jars with different flavors of ice cream and topping them with sprinkles, chocolate chips, and fruit. Set up a toppings station with jars of assorted toppings for a fun and customizable summer dessert experience.

8. Mason Jar Popsicle Molds by Bugaboo

Make mason jar popsicle molds by filling jars with fruit juice or yogurt and inserting popsicle sticks before freezing. Once frozen, remove the lid and enjoy delicious homemade popsicles perfect for cooling off on hot summer days.

9. Mason Jar Solar Lights by 123 Home School 4me

Craft mason jar solar lights by attaching solar-powered garden lights to the lids of jars. Place them along walkways or in garden beds to illuminate outdoor spaces with a soft and eco-friendly glow during summer nights.

10. Mason Jar Fruit Infuser Water Bottles by On Sutton Place

Create mason jar fruit infuser water bottles by adding sliced fruits and herbs to jars filled with water. Seal the jars with lids and enjoy refreshing flavored water infused with the essence of summer fruits.

11. Mason Jar Herb Garden by Pass the Pistil

Make a mason jar herb garden by planting herbs like basil, mint, and cilantro in jars filled with potting soil. Place them on windowsills or kitchen counters for easy access to fresh herbs all summer long.

12. Mason Jar Beach Sand Memory Jars by Big Bears Wife

Craft mason jar beach sand memory jars by filling jars with sand collected from your favorite beach trips and adding small shells or labels with the location and date. Display them on shelves or mantels as a reminder of sunny days spent by the shore.

13. Mason Jar Sun Tea by Gimme Some Oven

Create mason jar sun tea by filling jars with tea bags and water and placing them in direct sunlight for several hours to steep. Once brewed, remove the tea bags and chill the jars for a refreshing and thirst-quenching beverage perfect for summer picnics.

14. Mason Jar Picnic Baskets by  Your Home Based Mom

Make mason jar picnic baskets by filling jars with individual servings of salads, pasta, or fruit, and sealing them with lids. Pack them in a cooler with utensils and napkins for a convenient and portable meal option for summer outings.

15. Mason Jar Flower Crown Holders by Run to Radiance

Craft mason jar flower crown holders by painting jars in bright colors and adding hooks or wire around the rims. Hang them on walls or fences to display flower crowns at summer festivals or garden parties.

16. Mason Jar Summer Scented Potpourri by Clean Mama

Create mason jar summer scented potpourri by filling jars with dried flowers, citrus peels, and essential oils in refreshing scents like lavender or citrus. Place them in bathrooms or bedrooms for a fragrant and uplifting aroma reminiscent of summer blooms.

17. Mason Jar Outdoor Citronella Torches by Martys Musings

Make mason jar outdoor citronella torches by filling jars with citronella oil and inserting wicks before sealing them with lids. Attach them to wooden stakes and place them around outdoor seating areas to keep mosquitoes at bay while adding ambiance to summer gatherings.

18. Mason Jar Outdoor Drink Holders by The Kim Six Fix

Craft mason jar outdoor drink holders by attaching wire handles to the sides of jars for easy carrying. Fill them with refreshing beverages like iced tea or lemonade for a convenient and portable drink option for outdoor activities.

19. Mason Jar Summer Salad Shakers by Ambitious Kitchen

Create mason jar summer salad shakers by layering salad ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers in jars and sealing them with lids. Add dressing to the bottom before tossing the salad together for a fresh and portable meal option for summer picnics or lunches on the go.

20. Mason Jar Summer String Lights by Mason Jar Crafts Blog

Make mason jar summer string lights by placing battery-operated string lights inside jars and hanging them from tree branches or pergolas. These whimsical lights add a festive and magical touch to outdoor spaces during summer evenings.

21. Mason Jar Summer Lanterns by The Boon Docks Blog

Craft mason jar summer lanterns by painting jars in vibrant colors and adding handles for hanging. Place tea light candles inside and hang them from trees or hooks for a charming and luminous accent that enhances outdoor entertaining during summer nights.

These 21 Mason jar summer crafts offer a delightful array of creative ways to infuse your home and outdoor spaces with the vibrancy and warmth of the season. From charming lanterns to refreshing drink dispensers and practical picnic accessories, these crafts celebrate the essence of summer in style.