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18 DIY Wood Based Fall Decor Ideas

18 DIY Wood Based Fall Decor Ideas

As the crisp breeze of autumn sets in, embrace the rustic charm of the season with these 18 delightful DIY wood-based fall decor ideas. From reclaimed pallet pumpkins to wooden crate displays, each project exudes the warmth and coziness synonymous with fall. Get ready to infuse your home with nature-inspired elegance using simple materials and your creativity.

  1. Rustic Wooden Pumpkins: By Decorate And More With Tip

 Craft charming wooden pumpkins using reclaimed wood or pallets. Cut the wood into pumpkin shapes, paint them in muted fall colors, and distress for a weathered look. Arrange these rustic pumpkins on your porch or as a centerpiece, adding a touch of farmhouse-inspired fall decor.

  1. Wood Slice Wreath: By East Coast Creative Blog

 Create a unique fall wreath using wood slices. Attach the slices to a circular base, layering them for a textured effect. Add accents like faux leaves, berries, or small pinecones for a woodland touch. Hang this wood slice wreath on your door to welcome autumn with natural beauty.

  1. Pallet Wood Scarecrow: By Instructables

Fashion a charming scarecrow using pallet wood. Cut the wood into the shape of a scarecrow, painting it in classic fall tones. Add details like a hat and face, and place your pallet wood scarecrow in the garden or on the porch, bringing a whimsical and rustic feel to your outdoor space.

  1. Wooden Leaf Garland:  By My Weeabode

Craft a fall-themed garland using wooden leaf shapes. Cut the leaves from thin plywood or use pre-cut wooden shapes. Paint each leaf in autumn hues and string them together with twine. Hang the wooden leaf garland across your mantel or along a staircase for a simple yet impactful fall decoration.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Candle Holders: By Div a Of Diy

Repurpose old wooden spindles or blocks into fall-themed candle holders. Sand the wood for a smooth finish and add a touch of fall by painting or staining. Place pillar candles on top, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. These reclaimed wood candle holders make for a cozy addition to your fall decor.

  1. Wooden Crate Pumpkins: by Sarah  John

Transform wooden crates into adorable pumpkin displays. Paint the crates in pumpkin colors and stack them to form pumpkin shapes. Add stems made from twigs or repurposed wooden pieces. These wooden crate pumpkins can be placed on your porch or used as a centerpiece, embodying the rustic charm of fall.

  1. DIY Wood Signs: By Leap Of Faith Crafting

Personalize your fall decor with DIY wood signs. Cut wooden boards into various shapes and sizes, then paint fall-themed messages or quotes. Distress the wood for a weathered look. Place these wood signs in your garden or on the porch, adding a touch of sentiment to your outdoor fall space.

  1. Wooden Acorn Decor: By a Wonderful Thought

Create charming acorn decorations using wooden pieces. Cut small acorn shapes from thin plywood, paint them in natural acorn colors, and add a small twig as the stem. Scatter these wooden acorns on your tabletop or string them together to form a delightful fall garland.

  1. Wooden Pumpkin Spice Rack: By Sammy On State

Craft a functional and decorative pumpkin spice rack using wooden pallets or boards. Cut the wood into a pumpkin shape and add shelves for spice jars. Paint or stain in warm fall colors and place your spice rack in the kitchen, combining organization with a touch of autumn charm.

  1. Rustic Wooden Lanterns: By Pretty Handy Girl

Build rustic lanterns using reclaimed wood. Construct a box shape with slats for the sides and place LED candles inside. Add a handle for an authentic lantern look. These wooden lanterns make for cozy and safe outdoor lighting, casting a warm glow on your porch during fall evenings.

  1. Wooden Leaf Coasters:  By Confessions Of a Home Schooler

Craft delicate leaf-shaped coasters using thin wooden sheets. Cut out leaf shapes and sand the edges for a smooth finish. Paint or stain each coaster in fall colors and add a protective seal. These wooden leaf coasters provide a practical and decorative touch to your fall tabletop.

  1. Wooden Pumpkin Centerpiece:  By Daily Dose Of Diy

Construct a wooden pumpkin centerpiece using stacked wooden blocks or pallet pieces. Paint each block in pumpkin colors and add details like a stem and leaves. This wooden pumpkin centerpiece becomes a focal point on your dining table, bringing the essence of fall to your seasonal gatherings.

  1. DIY Wood Slice Table Runner: By Blooming Home Stead

Create a rustic table runner using wood slices. Arrange the slices along the center of your table for a natural and woodland-inspired look. Add small fall-themed accents like miniature pumpkins or candles. This DIY wood slice table runner enhances your fall tabletop with a touch of organic elegance.

  1. Wooden Sunflower Wall Art: By Diys.Com

Fashion vibrant sunflower wall art using wooden circles or oval shapes. Paint the wood in bold sunflower colors and arrange them in a flower shape. This wooden sunflower wall art adds a burst of color and nature-inspired beauty to your fall decor.

  1. Wooden Pumpkin Spice Spoons:  By Ann Marie John

Elevate your fall kitchen decor with pumpkin spice-themed wooden spoons. Paint or stencil pumpkin spice-related phrases on wooden spoons for a charming and functional touch. Use these wooden pumpkin spice spoons to stir autumn flavors into your favorite fall recipes.

  1. Pallet Wood Harvest Sign: By The Kim Six Fix

Craft a harvest-themed sign using pallet wood. Cut the wood into the desired shape and paint or stencil fall harvest messages. Add a rustic touch by distressing the wood. This pallet wood harvest sign becomes a charming addition to your porch or garden, celebrating the bounty of the season.

  1. Wooden Acorn Napkin Rings: By a Pretty Happy Home

Enhance your fall table setting with DIY wooden acorn napkin rings. Cut acorn shapes from thin wooden sheets, paint or stain them in fall colors, and attach a small loop for napkin insertion. These wooden acorn napkin rings add a touch of nature and sophistication to your autumn gatherings.

  1. Reclaimed Wood Pumpkin Patch Sign: By How To Nest For Less

Craft a delightful “Pumpkin Patch” sign using reclaimed wood. Paint or stencil the words on the wood and add fall-themed accents like leaves or pumpkins. Place this reclaimed wood pumpkin patch sign in your yard or on your porch, inviting visitors to embrace the fall spirit.

These 18 DIY wood-based fall decor ideas showcase the beauty of bringing natural elements into your home. From rustic wooden pumpkins to charming signs and coasters, these projects allow you to infuse your space with the warmth and charm of fall using simple materials and your creative touch. Embrace the season’s rustic elegance and welcome autumn with open arms and handmade decor.