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24 Cheap Outdoor Fall Decoration Ideas

24 Cheap Outdoor Fall Decoration Ideas

As autumn casts its enchanting spell, your outdoor spaces await a transformation. Explore these 24 affordable and imaginative ideas to infuse the warmth and charm of fall into your surroundings. From vibrant pumpkins to rustic wheel wreaths, each suggestion offers a budget-friendly way to celebrate the season’s beauty right at your doorstep.

  1. Pumpkin Planters: By Most Lovely Things

Turn ordinary pumpkins into charming planters. Hollow them out and fill them with vibrant fall flowers or ornamental grass. These pumpkin planters make for a delightful addition to your porch, embodying the essence of harvest abundance.

  1. DIY Scarecrow: By Country Living

Craft a whimsical scarecrow using old clothes and straw. Not only does it add a touch of nostalgia to your outdoor space, but it also serves as a functional element by keeping unwanted visitors away. Place your scarecrow amidst the fall foliage for a classic autumn feel.

  1. Fall Leaf Garland:  By The Antiqued Journey

String together a garland using the colorful leaves of fall. This simple yet visually striking decoration can be hung on your porch, fence, or even along a pathway. It’s an easy and budget-friendly way to bring the vibrant colors of autumn to your outdoor surroundings.

  1. Cider Jug Lanterns: By Martinellis

Transform old cider jugs into enchanting lanterns. Place battery-operated tea lights inside to create a warm and welcoming glow. Line your driveway or garden path with these DIY lanterns, adding a touch of rustic charm to your outdoor evenings.

  1. Hay Bale Seating: By Lemon Thistle

Utilize hay bales as versatile outdoor seating. Arrange them around a fire pit for cozy gatherings or use them as decorative elements. Their rustic appeal not only captures the spirit of fall but also provides a budget-friendly seating solution for your outdoor space.

  1. DIY Wooden Signs: By The Savvy Sparrow

Personalize your outdoor space with DIY wooden signs featuring fall-themed messages or quotes. These signs can be strategically placed in your garden or near the entrance, adding a touch of warmth and personality to your fall decor.

  1. Pumpkin Ice Bucket:  By Vintage Home Designs

Make a festive and functional ice bucket using a large pumpkin. Hollow it out, fill it with ice, and place your favorite beverages inside. This creative pumpkin ice bucket is a charming addition to your outdoor gatherings, seamlessly combining style and functionality.

  1. Cornstalk Bundles: By Giveaway Bandit

Bundle together cornstalks, tie them with twine, and place them on your porch or near your entrance. This simple yet effective decoration brings the essence of the harvest season to your outdoor decor, evoking a charming countryside feel.

  1. Acorn Wreath: By Food Fun Family

Create a delightful wreath using acorns and a foam or grapevine base. Glue the acorns in a circular pattern, forming a charming door decoration that symbolizes the bounty of fall. This DIY acorn wreath adds a touch of nature and elegance to your outdoor entrance.

  1. Wheelbarrow Planter: By The Honey Comb Home

Repurpose an old wheelbarrow as a creative planter. Fill it with vibrant fall mums, miniature pumpkins, or other seasonal foliage. This wheelbarrow planter not only adds a touch of nostalgia to your outdoor space but also showcases the beauty of fall flora.

  1. Fall-Themed Doormat: By The Turquoise Home

Greet visitors with a fall-themed doormat. Choose one with autumn colors, seasonal motifs, or stenciled designs to instantly infuse your porch or entryway with the spirit of the season. A small yet impactful addition that sets the tone for your fall decor.

  1. Gourd Candle Holders: By Bella Limento

Transform small gourds into charming candle holders. Hollow them out to fit votive candles and scatter these gourd candle holders around your outdoor space for a warm and atmospheric glow. This DIY project adds a touch of elegance and fall ambiance to your evenings.

  1. Leaf-Stamped Pumpkin:  By My 100 Year Old Home

Decorate pumpkins using fall leaves as stamps. Paint the pumpkins in warm autumn hues and press the leaves onto their surfaces, creating unique and nature-inspired outdoor decor. These leaf-stamped pumpkins add a personalized touch to your porch or garden.

  1. Rustic Wheel Wreath:  By Lolly Jane

Repurpose an old wagon wheel as a distinctive wreath base. Attach fall foliage, pinecones, or miniature pumpkins to create a charming and oversized wreath. This rustic wheel wreath becomes a focal point, exuding the timeless charm of fall in your outdoor space.

  1. Fall Flower Tower: By Decor And The Dog

Stack terracotta pots of various sizes to create a flower tower. Plant fall flowers or ornamental grass in each pot, forming a vibrant and vertical garden that becomes a visual centerpiece for your outdoor decor.

  1. Wooden Crate Display: By Turtles And Tails

Arrange wooden crates in a pyramid shape and fill them with pumpkins, gourds, or fall flowers. This simple yet impactful display adds a touch of farmhouse charm to your outdoor decor. The wooden crate display becomes a focal point, showcasing the bounty of fall.

  1. Pinecone Garland: By Its Just a Project

String pinecones together to create a rustic garland. Drape it across your porch railing or fence for an effortless and nature-inspired outdoor accent. This pinecone garland adds a touch of woodland charm, perfectly complementing the fall season.

  1. Autumn Lanterns: By Green Dam

Fill lanterns with fall elements like pinecones, acorns, and cinnamon sticks. Place battery-operated candles inside for a cozy and charming outdoor lighting solution. These autumn lanterns add warmth and ambiance to your outdoor evenings, creating a welcoming and seasonal atmosphere.

  1. Fence-Side Planter Boxes:  By Organize With Sandy

Attach planter boxes to your fence and fill them with fall flowers or greenery. This simple addition transforms your fence into a vibrant and seasonal backdrop. The fence-side planter boxes offer a creative way to incorporate floral elements into your outdoor decor.

  1. DIY Scavenger Hunt: By Good House Keeping

 Engage in a fall-themed scavenger hunt in your yard. Hide small pumpkins or fall-themed items for family and friends to find, turning your outdoor space into an interactive autumn playground. The DIY scavenger hunt adds an element of fun and exploration to your fall outdoor activities.

  1. Harvest Pumpkin Stack:  By Midwest Life And Style

Stack pumpkins of varying sizes to create a harvest-inspired tower. Place it near your entrance for a visually striking and festive outdoor focal point. The harvest pumpkin stack becomes a charming and welcoming display, symbolizing the abundance of the fall harvest.

  1. Pallet Wood Pumpkins: By Hgtv.Com

Repurpose pallet wood into rustic pumpkin decorations. Cut out pumpkin shapes, paint them in fall colors, and arrange them in your garden or on your porch for a charming and budget-friendly outdoor display. The pallet wood pumpkins add a touch of DIY charm to your fall decor.

  1. DIY Leaf Luminaries: By Red Ted Art

Create enchanting leaf luminaries using fallen leaves and glass jars. Affix the leaves to the jars using Mod Podge and place LED candles inside. These leaf luminaries illuminate your outdoor spaces with a warm and seasonal glow, creating a magical ambiance.

  1. Fall-Themed Banners:  By Dunn Lumber

Craft fall-themed banners using burlap or fabric. Paint or stencil fall motifs like pumpkins, leaves, or acorns, and hang them on your porch or along your fence. These banners add a festive and budget-friendly outdoor decoration, celebrating the spirit of fall.

Transforming your outdoor spaces into a fall wonderland doesn’t have to break the bank. These 24 cheap outdoor fall decoration ideas showcase the simplicity, creativity, and budget-friendly options available to you. From repurposing everyday items to crafting charming DIY projects, embrace the beauty of autumn and create a warm and inviting atmosphere right at your doorstep. Happy decorating!

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