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21 Best Fall Instant Pot Recipes

21 Best Fall Instant Pot Recipes

As the crisp autumn air sets in, it’s time to cozy up with comforting and flavorful dishes that capture the essence of fall. The Instant Pot, with its time-saving and flavor-enhancing capabilities, becomes the perfect kitchen companion for creating delicious seasonal recipes. From hearty stews to decadent desserts, let’s explore the 21 Best Fall Instant Pot Recipes that will warm your heart and fill your home with the scents of the season.

1. Pumpkin Risotto – By Carolines Cooking

Embrace the fall harvest with Instant Pot Pumpkin Risotto. This creamy and flavorful dish combines the earthiness of pumpkin with the richness of Parmesan cheese, creating a comforting bowl of goodness. The Instant Pot streamlines the risotto-making process, ensuring a perfect texture and taste without constant stirring.

2. Apple Cider Pork Chops – Pills Bury

Elevate your pork chops with the sweet and tangy notes of Instant Pot Apple Cider Pork Chops. The pressure cooking method infuses the meat with the flavors of apple cider, creating a tender and juicy dish. Serve these chops with a side of mashed potatoes for a complete fall-inspired meal that will leave your taste buds satisfied.

3. Butternut Squash Soup with Sage – By Love And Lemons

Warm up chilly evenings with Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup. The pressure cooking technique allows the butternut squash to reach a velvety consistency, while the addition of sage provides a fragrant and savory undertone. This comforting soup is a delightful way to celebrate the flavors of fall with minimal effort in the kitchen.

4. Maple Dijon Chicken – By Budget Bytes

Savor the fall season with Instant Pot Maple Dijon Chicken. The combination of sweet maple syrup and tangy Dijon mustard creates a mouthwatering glaze for the tender chicken. The Instant Pot’s efficiency ensures that this flavorful dish is ready in no time, making it a perfect weeknight dinner for busy autumn evenings.

5. Sweet Potato Chili – Feel Good Foodie

Spice up your fall with Instant Pot Sweet Potato Chili. The sweet potatoes add a delightful twist to the classic chili, while the Instant Pot’s pressure cooking prowess infuses the flavors seamlessly. This hearty and nutritious dish is perfect for warming up after a day of enjoying the crisp fall air.

6. Cranberry Orange Pork Roast – By The Cookie Rookie

Celebrate the season with Instant Pot Cranberry Orange Pork Roast. The combination of tart cranberries and citrusy orange zest creates a vibrant and festive flavor profile. The Instant Pot ensures that the pork roast is tender and succulent, making it a show-stopping centerpiece for your fall gatherings.

7. Acorn Squash Stuffed with Quinoa – By Love And Lemons

Bring a taste of fall to your table with Instant Pot Acorn Squash Stuffed with Quinoa. The pressure cooking method cooks the squash to perfection, and the quinoa stuffing adds a hearty and nutritious touch.

8. Garlic Herb Mashed Cauliflower – Budget Bytes

Swap traditional mashed potatoes for Instant Pot Garlic Herb Mashed Cauliflower. The Instant Pot steams the cauliflower to a perfect tenderness, and the addition of garlic and herbs infuses the dish with savory flavors. This low-carb alternative is a lighter yet equally delicious side for your fall meals.

9. Pumpkin and Sage Risotto Balls – By Rice Select

Transform leftover risotto into a delightful appetizer with Instant Pot Pumpkin and Sage Risotto Balls. The Instant Pot’s efficiency in cooking risotto ensures a smooth and creamy texture for the balls. Fry them to a golden perfection, and you’ll have a delicious fall-inspired finger food that’s perfect for entertaining.

10. Harvest Vegetable and Quinoa Stew – Two Peas And Their Pods

Warm your soul with Instant Pot Harvest Vegetable and Quinoa Stew. Packed with a variety of autumn vegetables and protein-rich quinoa, this stew is a wholesome and nutritious option for fall dinners. The Instant Pot’s quick and efficient cooking process allows you to enjoy a hearty bowl of stew without the long wait.

11. Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal – By Eating Bird Food

Start your fall mornings right with Instant Pot Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal. The pressure cooking method infuses the oats with the warm flavors of cinnamon and sweet apples, creating a satisfying and wholesome breakfast. This quick and easy recipe is perfect for busy mornings when you crave a taste of fall in every spoonful.

12. Pumpkin Cheesecake Swirl Brownies – By Eating Well

Indulge your sweet tooth with Instant Pot Pumpkin Cheesecake Swirl Brownies. The pressure cooking technique ensures a fudgy and moist brownie base, while the pumpkin cheesecake swirl adds a seasonal twist.

13. Spiced Butternut Squash Risotto – By Slurrp

Enjoy the rich and warming flavors of fall with Instant Pot Spiced Butternut Squash Risotto. The Instant Pot’s pressure cooking method results in a creamy and flavorful risotto that highlights the natural sweetness of butternut squash.

14. Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts and Bacon – By Sugar Spun Run

Elevate your Brussels sprouts with Instant Pot Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts and Bacon. The pressure cooking method caramelizes the maple glaze, creating a sweet and savory coating for the sprouts. The addition of crispy bacon adds a delightful crunch, making this side dish a standout addition to your fall meals.

15. Apple Cinnamon Steel-Cut Oats – By The Healthful Ideas

Wake up to the aroma of fall with Instant Pot Apple Cinnamon Steel-Cut Oats. The pressure cooking method ensures that the steel-cut oats are perfectly cooked and infused with the warm flavors of apples and cinnamon. This hearty and wholesome breakfast is a comforting way to start your fall day.

16. Pumpkin Soup with Coconut Milk – By All Recipes

Experience the velvety goodness of Instant Pot Pumpkin Soup with Coconut Milk. The pressure cooking technique allows the pumpkin to reach a smooth consistency, and the addition of coconut milk adds a rich and creamy texture. This flavorful soup is a comforting choice for cool fall evenings.

17. Apple Butter Pork Tenderloin – By Eazy Peazy Mealz

Savor the sweetness of fall with Instant Pot Apple Butter Pork Tenderloin. The pressure cooking method infuses the pork with the flavors of apple butter, creating a succulent and flavorful dish. This easy-to-make recipe is perfect for busy weeknights when you want a taste of autumn on your dinner plate.

18. Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots – By Lilluna

Add a touch of sweetness to your fall sides with Instant Pot Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots. The pressure cooking method ensures that the carrots are perfectly tender, while the brown sugar glaze adds a luscious coating. This simple yet delicious side dish is a quick and easy way to enhance your fall meals.

19. Pumpkin Spice Rice Pudding – A Beautiful Mess

Indulge in a cozy dessert with Instant Pot Pumpkin Spice Rice Pudding. The pressure cooking technique results in a creamy and spiced rice pudding that captures the essence of fall.

20. Chicken and Wild Rice Soup – By Gimme Some Oven

Embrace the heartiness of fall with Instant Pot Chicken and Wild Rice Soup. Packed with tender chicken, wholesome vegetables, and nutty wild rice, this soup is a nourishing option for chilly days.

21. Pecan Pie Cheesecake – Life Love And Sugar

End your fall feast on a sweet note with Instant Pot Pecan Pie Cheesecake. The pressure cooking method ensures a creamy and decadent cheesecake, while the pecan pie topping adds a delightful crunch. This show-stopping dessert is a perfect way to celebrate the flavors of fall with a touch of indulgence.

This fall, let the Instant Pot be your culinary ally in creating a seasonal feast that delights the senses. From savory stews to sweet desserts, these 21 Best Fall Instant Pot Recipes showcase the versatility and efficiency of this kitchen marvel. Embrace the flavors of autumn with these delicious and time-saving dishes, making your fall gatherings warm, hearty, and truly memorable.