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24 Easy Back to School Crafts for Kids

24 Easy Back to School Crafts for Kids

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to gear up for the excitement and anticipation of the new school year. What better way to get kids excited for their return to the classroom than with fun and engaging back-to-school crafts?

From personalized school supplies to classroom decorations, there are endless creative projects to keep little hands busy and minds inspired. In this article, we’ve gathered 24 easy back-to-school crafts for kids that are simple, educational, and sure to spark their imagination.

1. Personalized Pencil Toppers by Artsy Craftsy Mom

Encourage creativity by allowing kids to decorate foam or felt shapes to fit on the top of their pencils. They can use markers, stickers, or googly eyes to customize their toppers and make them uniquely their own.

2. Decorated Bookmarks by Michelles Party Planit

Provide blank bookmarks or cut out strips of cardstock for kids to decorate with markers, stamps, or stickers. This simple craft not only encourages reading but also allows children to express their individuality through their designs.

3. Alphabet Magnets by Grand Maidea’s

Create alphabet magnets using small wooden or foam letters and adhesive magnetic strips. Kids can arrange the letters to practice spelling words or their name, making learning fun and interactive.

4. DIY Name Tags by Redted Art

Help kids make their own name tags for their backpacks or lunchboxes using cardstock, markers, stickers, and laminating sheets. Not only will they feel proud to display their creations, but it also helps them identify their belongings easily.

5. Paper Bag Book Covers by Oh Amanda

Transform plain paper bags into custom book covers by decorating them with markers, stickers, or drawings. This craft not only protects books but also allows kids to showcase their creativity and personalize their school supplies.

6. Paper Plate Masks by Redted Art

Let kids unleash their imagination by decorating paper plates with paint, markers, or craft supplies to create their own unique masks. They can wear their creations during playtime or for imaginative storytelling activities.

7. Pom-Pom Bookmarks by Design Mom

Craft adorable pom-pom bookmarks by gluing pom-poms onto the end of a popsicle stick or ribbon. Kids can choose their favorite colors and create fun and fluffy bookmarks to mark their place in their books.

8. Crayon Roll-Up Case by Our Kid Things

Sew or glue fabric pockets onto a piece of fabric, then roll it up to create a portable crayon holder. This craft not only keeps crayons organized but also encourages responsibility and independence as kids can easily carry their crayons with them.

9. Paper Plate Clocks by Kids Activities

Teach kids how to tell time by creating paper plate clocks and labeling the numbers with markers or stickers. This hands-on craft helps reinforce time-telling skills in a fun and interactive way.

10. Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder by Woo!

Construct a pencil holder using popsicle sticks and glue, then decorate it with paint, markers, or washi tape. This functional craft provides a place for kids to store their pencils and adds a personal touch to their desk or workspace.

11. Apple Printed Tote Bags by Crayon Sand Croissants

Slice an apple in half, dip it in paint, and stamp it onto a plain tote bag to create a festive apple print design. This craft not only celebrates the back-to-school season but also produces a practical and stylish tote for carrying books and supplies.

12. Glittery Alphabet Rocks by Mom Tastic

Paint rocks with bright colors and cover them in glitter to create sparkling alphabet letters. Kids can use these decorative rocks to practice spelling words or as tactile learning tools during playtime.

13. Paper Plate Wreaths by Kinder Craze

Cut out the center of a paper plate to create a wreath shape, then help kids write their name or initials around the edge using markers or stickers. This personalized craft doubles as a decorative piece for their bedroom door or wall.

14. Classroom Rules Poster by Miss Jacob’s Little Learners

Work together to create a poster outlining classroom rules using markers, colored pencils, or crayons. This collaborative craft not only reinforces important classroom guidelines but also fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility among students.

15. Apple Core Seed Art by Things to Share and Remember

Glue dried apple seeds onto paper to create the shape of an apple core, then add a stem and leaf with markers or paint. This simple yet creative craft celebrates the fall harvest season while also incorporating a hands-on element with the use of natural materials.

16. DIY Bulletin Board Decorations by Teach Starter

Design and decorate bulletin board borders, letters, or shapes using colorful paper, markers, and stickers. Kids can showcase their artistic talents while helping to liven up the classroom or homeschool space.

17. Rainbow Paper Plate by Glitter on a Dime

Decorate paper plates with rainbow colors and add straps made from ribbon or yarn to create miniature backpacks. This craft doubles as a fun activity and a cute decoration for a back-to-school party or classroom display.

18. Clothespin Name Recognition by Simply Kinder

Write each letter of a child’s name on separate clothespins, then have them clip the clothespins onto a piece of cardstock in the correct order. This hands-on activity helps reinforce letter recognition and spelling skills in a playful way.

19. Paper Bag School Bus by Our Kid Things

Transform a paper bag into a miniature school bus by adding wheels, windows, and a door with colored paper or markers. Kids can use this adorable craft for imaginative play or as a decorative centerpiece for a back-to-school themed party.

20. Chalkboard Pencil Pouches by Polka Dot Chair

Personalize pencil pouches with chalkboard fabric or paint, allowing kids to write and erase their name or drawings as often as they like. This customizable craft adds a touch of whimsy to their school supplies while also encouraging creativity.

21. Handprint Apple Tree by Simply Today Life

Create a handprint apple tree by painting the child’s hand brown for the trunk and branches, then using red paint for the apples.

22. Story Stones by Hello Lunch Lady

Decorate smooth stones with pictures or words representing different characters, settings, or objects from stories.

23. DIY Reward Tokens by Instructables

Design and create personalized reward tokens using small wooden coins or cardstock circles decorated with stickers or drawings.

24. Paper Plate Desk Organizers by Crayola

Transform paper plates into desk organizers by cutting slits around the rim and folding them inward to create compartments.

These 24 easy back-to-school crafts for kids offer a wonderful opportunity to engage children in creative and educational activities as they prepare for the new school year. From personalized school supplies to classroom decorations, these crafts foster imagination, fine motor skills, and learning in a fun and interactive way.