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25 Best DIY Spring Wreaths

25 Best DIY Spring Wreaths

As spring breathes life into the world, elevate your home’s entrance with these 25 delightful DIY spring wreaths. From floral extravaganzas to rustic charm, each wreath celebrates the season’s vibrant colors and renewed energy. Let’s explore these creative projects that will not only welcome guests but also infuse your space with the spirit of spring.

  1. Tulip Burst Wreath:  By The How To Mom

Create a stunning tulip burst wreath by arranging faux tulips in a circular pattern on a grapevine base. The bold colors and lifelike blooms evoke the essence of a spring garden, instantly brightening your front door.

  1. Eucalyptus and Lavender Wreath: By The Art Of Cottage Making

Craft a fragrant eucalyptus and lavender wreath by intertwining the two herbs on a wire or foam base. Hang this wreath for a touch of relaxation and natural beauty that captures the soothing essence of spring.

  1. Pastel Pom-Pom Wreath: By Centsational Style

Add a whimsical touch to your door with a pastel pom-pom wreath. Create a variety of colorful pom-poms and attach them to a wreath form for a playful and cheerful decoration that mirrors the joyful spirit of spring.

  1. Hydrangea Heaven Wreath: By My Family Thyme

Arrange faux hydrangea blooms in a circular pattern on a wire wreath frame to create a hydrangea heaven wreath. The soft and romantic hues of the hydrangeas bring a touch of elegance and timeless beauty to your spring decor.

  1. Butterfly Bliss Wreath: By Paint Me Pink.

Embrace the fluttering beauty of spring by crafting a butterfly bliss wreath. Attach artificial butterflies to a grapevine or foam wreath, creating a whimsical and enchanting display that captures the magic of the season.

  1. Wildflower Meadow Wreath: By a Pretty Life In The Suburbs

Celebrate the untamed beauty of wildflowers with a meadow-inspired wreath. Combine an assortment of faux wildflowers, such as daisies, poppies, and daffodils, on a wreath form for a charming and naturalistic spring accent.

  1. Robin’s Nest Wreath: By No Biggie

Craft a robin’s nest wreath by securing a small faux bird’s nest in the center of a grapevine wreath. Surround it with delicate faux eggs and spring foliage for a nest-inspired wreath that symbolizes new beginnings.

  1. Bunny Haven Wreath: By Diy Mama Blog

Welcome the Easter season with a bunny haven wreath. Attach small faux bunnies, Easter eggs, and pastel ribbons to a grapevine wreath, creating an adorable and festive display that embodies the joy of springtime.

  1. Cherry Blossom Elegance Wreath: By Ran Digarrett Design

Capture the beauty of cherry blossoms with an elegant wreath. Use faux cherry blossom branches to cover a foam or wire wreath form, bringing a touch of delicate charm and springtime sophistication to your door.

  1. Mossy Monogram Wreath: By Felt Magnet

Personalize your spring decor with a mossy monogram wreath. Cover a wooden or cardboard letter with faux moss and attach it to a wreath base, creating a custom and nature-inspired entrance piece that celebrates individuality.

  1. Sunflower Sunshine Wreath: By Stream Spoured Out

Craft a sunflower sunshine wreath by arranging faux sunflowers in a circular pattern. The bright and cheerful hues of the sunflowers create a bold and sunny statement, capturing the warmth and optimism of spring.

  1. Daisy Delight Wreath: By On Sutton Place

Embrace simplicity with a daisy delight wreath. Attach faux daisies to a grapevine or foam wreath form, creating a classic and timeless spring decoration that radiates purity and innocence.

  1. Felt Flower Fantasy Wreath:  By Thinking Closet

Dive into a world of color and texture with a felt flower fantasy wreath. Create an assortment of vibrant felt flowers and attach them to a wreath form for a playful and eye-catching display that adds a touch of whimsy to your door.

  1. Vintage Floral Charm Wreath: By Country Living

Infuse vintage charm into your spring decor with a vintage floral wreath. Combine faux flowers in muted pastel tones with a lace or burlap ribbon, creating a wreath that exudes classic elegance and old-world allure.

  1. Herb Garden Wreath: By Garden Therapy

Bring the fragrance of an herb garden to your doorstep with a herb garden wreath. Attach bundles of faux herbs, such as rosemary, thyme, and lavender, to a wreath form for a fresh and aromatic springtime accent.

  1. Chic Spring Succulent Wreath: By Beth Bryan

Embrace modern elegance with a chic spring succulent wreath. Arrange faux succulents in a circular pattern on a grapevine or foam wreath form, creating a stylish and low-maintenance spring decor piece that resonates with contemporary flair.

  1. Farmhouse Fresh Egg Wreath: By Glue Sticks Blog

Create a farmhouse-inspired egg wreath by attaching faux speckled eggs to a grapevine or foam wreath form. Add rustic touches like twine or burlap for a charming and pastoral spring display that reflects the simplicity of country living.

  1. Tropical Paradise Wreath:  By Grace Monroe Home

Transport your space to a tropical paradise with a vibrant and exotic wreath. Use faux tropical flowers, leaves, and fruits to create a wreath that radiates the warmth and energy of a tropical spring day.

  1. Rain Boot Bouquet Wreath: By Southern Charm Wreaths

Celebrate the unpredictable spring showers with a rain boot bouquet wreath. Fill small faux rain boots with an assortment of colorful flowers and attach them to a wreath form for a playful and charming display that embraces the whimsy of the season.

  1. Citrus Sensation Wreath: By Seed To Pantry

Infuse your home with the zesty and invigorating scent of citrus with a citrus sensation wreath. Use faux lemons, limes, and oranges to create a wreath that adds a burst of freshness and energy to your spring decor.

  1. Rustic Wheelbarrow Wreath: By Remodel And Olacasa

Pay homage to rustic charm with a wheelbarrow wreath. Attach a small faux wheelbarrow filled with flowers to a wreath form, creating a pastoral and heartwarming spring accent that embodies the simplicity of country living.

  1. Whimsical Umbrella Wreath: By Must Have Mom

Embrace the unpredictability of spring weather with a whimsical umbrella wreath. Attach a small faux umbrella to a wreath form and fill it with an assortment of spring flowers, creating a charming and unconventional display that adds a touch of playfulness to your door.

  1. Cotton Blossom Beauty Wreath: By Ade Light So Me Life

Capture the softness and purity of cotton blossoms with a cotton blossom beauty wreath. Attach faux cotton stems to a wreath form for a wreath that exudes understated elegance and southern charm.

  1. Vintage Garden Gate Wreath: By On Sutton Place

Bring a touch of vintage garden charm to your entrance with a vintage garden gate wreath. Attach a faux garden gate or trellis to a wreath form and adorn it with an array of colorful flowers, creating a romantic and enchanting display.

  1. Spring Butterfly Symphony Wreath: By Design Improvised

Conclude your wreath journey with a spring butterfly symphony wreath. Attach faux butterflies in various sizes and colors to a wreath form, creating a dynamic and vibrant display that captures the fluttering magic of spring.

Transform your home’s entrance into a haven of springtime beauty with these 25 DIY wreaths. From the classic elegance of tulips to the whimsy of rain boots, each wreath reflects the vibrant spirit and rejuvenation of the season. Embrace the creativity of spring and welcome guests with a touch of nature’s splendor. Happy crafting!