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13 Simple Hacks To Live Frugally & Save Money

13 Simple Hacks To Live Frugally & Save Money

Looking for frugal living hacks? 

Trying to save more and spend less?

We have the perfect guide for you. These 13 simple hacks will help you be more frugal with your spending and save money.

Frugal living is not just about trying to cut spending, it’s about being wiser with how you spend and save money. It’s about prioritizing the important things and cutting back the spending on other things. 

In this guide, let us see 13 wise hacks to live frugally and save more money.

1. Save Your Earnings From a Part-Time Job

Want to save more money?

The best way is to start a part-time job and save your earnings from that job. We have a whole list of savings hacks below, but this is our most favorite method.

Because we are not simply saving what we have from our single income, we are creating a new income for ourselves and then saving that. In short, starting a part-time job could significantly boost your quality of life than all other methods.

How do I choose a part-time job?

Do not worry, you can read this post to identify a job that’s best for you: 32 Best Ways to Make Money Online From The Comfort of Your Home

We suggest starting a blog as a part-time business. It’s a promising way for you to make some money on the side and save. You can refer to the below guide to learn more about making money from blogging.

How to Start a Blog & Make Money – A Complete Guide

2. Get Cashback On Everyday Purchases (With Fluz)

If you haven’t heard of Fluz before, it’s a cashback app that let’s you earn up to 35% cashback on your purchases.

Fluz is a 100% free mobile app that pays you free money every time you make a purchase. Be it for food delivery, streaming services, or fashion products, Fluz provides cashback for nearly every category and has got something for everyone.

Be it Nike, Netflix, Pizza Hut, or others, you can earn cashback for your purchase from top national retailers and local hot spots.

Simply use the Flux app to pay at your local retailers and you will get a cashback for every purchasing trip.

You can also invite your friends and get cashback each time they shop. So, it’s not a one time saving, but an ongoing income that you receive!

We normally overlook how important cashback could be. If you are trying to be more frugal, make sure that you have registered for a free cashback app like Fluz (It’s free!)

Download Fluz App

If you haven’t heard of Ibotta before, it’s a cashback app that has already paid more than $860 million to its savers to date.

Ibotta is a free mobile app that pays you free money every time you make a purchase. Be it grocery shopping, travel, or pet supplies, Ibotta provides cashback for nearly every category and has something for everyone.

Be it Walmart, Target, Petco, or others, you can earn cashback for your purchase from top national retailers and local hot spots.

Simply submit a photo of your receipts from your purchases and you will get a cashback for every purchasing trip. You can also link your loyalty accounts from top retailers with the Ibotta app.

We normally overlook how important cashback could be. If you are trying to be more frugal, make sure that you have registered for a free cashback website like Ibotta (It’s free!)

Download Ibotta app (iOS & Android)

Dosh gives you automatic cash back at thousands of stores when you shop, dine, or book hotels. With Dosh, you do not have to scan or upload receipts to get cashback.

Simply download the Dosh app and link your card. Once it’s done, every time you swipe your card, Dosh will deposit your cash back automatically into your wallet.

You can decide to send the cashback to your bank account, Paypal, or donate to a charity.

Dosh has partnerships with over 10,000+ places, including Walmart, Pizza Hut, Disney+, Instacart, etc. This is another excellent app to start earning free cash. 

Download Dosh app (iOS & Android)

3. Take Advantage Of Coupons & Rebates While Shopping (With RebateKey)

Have shopping plans in mind? If so, always do a quick search if you could find any rebates or discounts for the items you are planning to buy.

It hardly takes a few minutes of research, but you could find coupons that could potentially save you a good percentage of the total price. These savings could add up to a decent amount every time you visit the store.

RebateKey is a rebate and coupon marketplace where you can find amazing deals on thousands of products. You can find several products that are selling at discounts of 80% or more at RebateKey. If you truly want to save money, you must use rebate marketplaces like RebateKey and make use of the discounts offered during purchases.

Visit RebateKey

4. Start Using A Credit Card

If you think credit cards are a poor idea and a lot of work, well, you are both right and wrong. Managing your credit needs some work, but it is the greatest of ideas if you know how to use a credit card the right way.

With a credit card, you will earn reward points for all qualified transactions you make. The major reason people are afraid of using credit cards is due to the popularity of credit card debts.

If you do not have good financial habits and fail to restrain yourself from overspending, credit cards could become a disaster. And that’s why many people are afraid of using them.

In reality, each time you are using a credit card, you are effectively saving 2 or 3% through reward points. It’s a money-saving instrument if you know how to use it right. 

5. Cook Your Own Food

Food is one of the things people overspend the most. It’s hard to resist the temptation to order more when we are at a restaurant.

Cooking your own food is a highly effective way to save money. It’s not hundreds, you could save thousands of dollars simply by deciding to cook your own food and not eating out. 

Meal planning might not sound exciting, but it could put a lot of money back on your pockets. 

6. Say “No” To Bottled Water And “Yes” To Water Filter

Bottled water is a highly profitable business to be in. But as a consumer, no, you are spending a lot of money on water. As long as you are not in a water-scarce area, it’s a bad idea to spend money on bottled water.

Try to buy a water filter. It’s a one-time investment. Get a reusable water bottle as well. And you can completely avoid using bottled water.

7. One Streaming Service At A Time

How many streaming subscriptions do you have?

Netflix? Amazon Prime? Disney+? Hulu? HBO? 

If you are holding multiple streaming subscriptions, cut it down to one. Pick the favorite shows and movies you want to watch a month or quarter and go with that platform. It’s better to have one subscription at a time and switch between the providers than having annual subscriptions with 3 or 4 providers.

8. Go Solar And Save Energy, Environment, & Money

It’s time to go solar. It could save you a lot in energy bills. Even better, it’s good for the environment. Even though it might sound costly at the beginning, it’s majorly a one-time investment and you could significantly reduce your cost in the long term.

9. Stop Paying For Things That You Can Get For Free

Want a pasta recipe? Want to learn the basics of coding?

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of free resources on the internet where you could find most of the information for free.

Think twice before you make an investment. Always ask yourself questions like, “Could I get it for free?”, “Is this a right investment?”, “What do I get from this purchase?”, “Is the purchase worth it?” before you make any purchase decision.

Those cooking recipes you wanted, languages and hobbies you wished to learn, you can find free courses and tutorials for nearly all of them from highly authentic and expert websites. Why pay money when we could get the same result for free!

10. Plan Before & Buy In Bulk

An amazing way to save money is to buy in bulk. If you can plan your use a month or a quarter ahead, you could buy items in bulk for amazing discounts. Even though it sounds simple, you could potentially save more than what you could from credit cards and cashback sites combined!

11. Say “No” To Coffee From Outside

$3 a coffee every day adds up to more than $1000 a year. Yes, that’s a thousand dollars if you are a coffee addict. Make your coffee and tea at home. 

12. Start Budgeting

Budgeting might not be that much fun, but it’s crucial when you are trying to live a frugal life and save more. Craft a budget that prioritizes important things and eliminates as many non-necessary items as possible.

Even if you are to splurge money on occasional events, make sure that you have a plan in your budget to recoup that amount from a separate source.

Learn More: Budgeting 101: How to Start Budgeting & Improve Your Finances

13. Make Use Of Extra Groceries & Ingredients

Take a look at your refrigerator and pantry periodically. Do not waste any groceries or ingredients you could find. Make use of them before they expire. You could avoid one visit to your grocery store if you can make use of these leftover ingredients.

With that, we have come to the end of this post. Do hit us with any questions you have about budgeting. You can add your questions, opinions, and suggestions in the comment box below.

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