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15 DIY Halloween Garlands & Banners

15 DIY Halloween Garlands & Banners

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to add some festive spirit to your home than with DIY garlands and banners?

These 15 DIY Halloween Garlands & Banners are perfect for anyone looking to bring a touch of homemade charm to their spooky celebrations. Whether you’re a craft novice or a DIY expert, these ideas are designed to inspire creativity and add a unique, personalized touch to your Halloween décor. From eerie to enchanting, we have something for every style and preference. Get ready to transform your space into a bewitching Halloween haven with these easy, fun, and spook-tacular decorations!

1. Ghostly Glow Chain by Design Mom

Craft a ghostly ambiance with a simple yet effective glow-in-the-dark ghost chain. This DIY garland involves crafting ghost shapes from white fabric or tissue paper, with each ghost featuring painted-on glow-in-the-dark faces. String these ethereal beings together and drape them across a doorway or mantlepiece for a subtle, eerie glow that comes to life in the darkness. It’s an easy project that requires minimal materials but delivers maximum spooky effect.

2. Autumn Harvest Banner by A Wonderful Thought

Celebrate the bounty of fall with an Autumn Harvest Banner that blends Halloween curiosity with the richness of the season. Using felt or cardstock, create a mix of autumn leaves, pumpkins, and small, friendly scarecrows. Each element of the banner can be detailed with fabric paint or markers for added texture and depth.

3. Spooky Spider Web Garland by 100Directions

Create a chilling atmosphere with a Spooky Spider Web Garland, intertwining the elegance of natural spiderwebs with the thrill of Halloween. Using white yarn or string, craft intricate web designs and sporadically attach small plastic spiders for a realistic effect.

4. Bewitched Book Bunting by Page to Stage Reviews

Invoke the mystery of ancient spells with a Bewitched Book Bunting, crafted from old book pages fashioned into pennant shapes. Ink the edges for an aged look and script mysterious, spell-like words or phrases onto each one for an added touch of enchantment. String the pages together and hang your magical missive where it can inspire awe and wonder in all who see it.

5. Eerie Eyeball Garland by At Home in Love

Stare down your fears with an Eerie Eyeball Garland, a project that’s as simple as it is unsettling. Craft or purchase eyeball shapes from materials like felt, Styrofoam, or even repurposed table tennis balls, and paint them with vivid irises and bloodshot veins. String these watchful orbs together, and they’ll add an unnerving presence, surveying the room from their perch.

6. Creepy Crawly Curtain by Home Style Austin

Transform any entryway into a den of horror with the Creepy Crawly Curtain. This garland requires black thread or fishing line and an assortment of plastic bugs and critters. Secure the creatures at intervals along the length of the thread, and hang several strands side by side to create a curtain teeming with unsettling critters one must brave to pass.

7. Haunted House Silhouette Banner by Fabulessly Frugal

Craft a skyline of terror with a Haunted House Silhouette Banner. Using black cardstock, cut out silhouettes of haunted houses, creepy trees, and maybe even a witch or two flying across the moon. String these eerie shapes together and hang them against a lighter background to create a stark, chilling contrast.

8. Jack-O’-Lantern Jubilee Garland by Pastels and Macarons

A Halloween classic, the Jack-O’-Lantern Jubilee Garland brings the iconic symbol of the season to your decor. Carve miniature pumpkins or craft them from orange paper, each with a different, whimsical face. Intersperse them with green leaves or tendrils for a burst of color and life among the glowing orange faces.

9. Glittering Ghost Garland by Fine Craft Guild

Transform ordinary paper lanterns into shimmering specters with the Glittering Ghost Garland. Hang a string of white paper lanterns and add cut-out ghost shapes embellished with glitter, sequins, or glow-in-the-dark paint. Turn off the lights, and these ghoulish figures will shine through the darkness, adding a touch of Halloween sparkle to any room.

10. Wicked Witch Hat Garland by Craftaholics Anonymous

No Halloween is complete without a nod to the most iconic figure of the season – the witch. Craft mini witch hats from black cardstock or felt, and embellish them with ribbon, glitter, or spider web designs. String these hats together and hang them above the mantle or doorway for a touch of whimsical wickedness.

11. Frightful Faces Skull Banner by Making Make Believe

Transform any room into a haunted house with the Frightful skull Faces Banner, featuring an array of ghostly and ghastly faces.

12. Haunted Handprint Garland by Kara Creates

Turn handprints into haunting decorations with the Haunted Handprint Garland. Using black paper and white paint or chalk markers, create spooky scenes on each handprint – a haunted house, a full moon, or even a witch flying through the sky.

13. Mysterious Mask Banner by Instructables

Create an air of mystery with the Mysterious Mask Banner, featuring an array of different masks in black and white. Craft or purchase various mask shapes and string them together, adding touches of glitter or feathers for added intrigue.

14. Spooky Bats Garland by Prima

No Halloween is complete without bats, making the Spooky bats Garland an essential addition to your decorations. Craft or purchase bats shapes in black, white, or glittery silver and string them together to create a tangled web of fear.

15. Petrifying Potion Bottles Garland by Eryn Whalen Online

Add a touch of witchcraft to your Halloween decor with the Petrifying Potion Bottles Garland. Using small glass bottles or jars, fill them with colored water or fake potions made from glitter and food coloring. Embellish the bottles with spooky labels, such as “Eye of Newt” or “Dragon’s Blood,” and string them together to create a garland dripping with magic and mystery.

These creative and easy-to-make garlands are just a few examples of the endless possibilities for DIY Halloween decorations. With a bit of imagination and simple materials, you can transform any space into a spooky, festive wonderland that will delight and frighten all who enter.