DIY Dollar Store Halloween Wreaths

18 DIY Dollar Store Halloween Wreaths

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to welcome the spooky season than by adorning your front door with a creative and budget-friendly wreath? Not everyone has the time or resources to invest in expensive holiday decor, which is where the magic of dollar store finds comes into play.

In this article, we’ll explore 18 DIY Dollar Store Halloween Wreaths that are not only easy to make but are also guaranteed to add that perfect touch of fright and delight to your home. From ghoulishly glamorous to wickedly whimsical, there’s a wreath for every theme and taste. Get ready to craft your way into the Halloween spirit with these affordable and stylish ideas!

1. The Classic Black and Orange Garland Wreath by Simply Designing

Using black and orange garlands found at any dollar store, this wreath is the epitome of Halloween spirit. Wrap the garlands around a simple wreath form, alternating colors for depth and interest. Add a few plastic spiders or bats for a spooky finish that’s as fun to make as it is to display.

2. The Spooky Skeleton Hand Wreath by Eighteen25

A chilling touch to your Halloween decor, this wreath features skeletal hands that seem to reach out to visitors. Arrange the bony hands around a wreath form, securing them in place with floral wire. Intertwine some black mesh ribbon and eerie LED lights between the hands for a haunting glow.

3. The Witch’s Hat Extravaganza by Rosalyn Browne

This whimsical wreath uses multiple mini witch hats arranged in a circular pattern to create a unique and playful design. Attach the hats to a wreath form with hot glue, ensuring they overlap slightly for full coverage.

4. The Glowing Eyes Wreath by Dear Creatives

Imagine the thrill of trick-or-treaters greeted by glowing eyes peering out from a dark wreath hung on your door. This eerie effect is achieved by tucking battery-operated LED tea lights into hollowed-out plastic eyeballs. Wrap the wreath form in dark fabric or mesh, then nestle the eyes within, ensuring they peer outward.

5. The Eerie Bat Flight Wreath by Details Blog

Black felt bats swarm this wreath, creating the illusion of a nocturnal flight right on your front door. Cut bat shapes from black felt, using varying sizes for a dynamic look, and attach them to a black-painted wreath form with hot glue.

6. The Creepy Crawly Wreath by Dishes and Dust Bunnies

This wreath is a nightmare for arachnophobes woven background. Use white or silver yarn to create a web on a black wreath form, then attach a variety of plastic spiders with hot glue. The more spiders, the creepier the effect!

7. The Bewitched Orange Lights Wreath by Repurpose and Upcycle

Bright and bold, this wreath contrasts sharply against the autumn night with its vibrant orange fairy lights woven through a black tulle-covered form. The lights not only illuminate the wreath but also cast a ghostly glow on any accompanying decor.

8. The Frightful Skull and Bones Wreath by Celebrate and Decorate

For a more macabre touch, this wreath showcases a collection of skulls and bones against a backdrop of black mesh ribbon. Arrange the skulls and bones around the wreath form, securing them with wire. Intersperse some dark roses or other florals for a touch of elegance amidst the fright.

9. The Haunted House Silhouette Wreath by The Tattered Pew

This creative wreath features a haunted house silhouette at its center, surrounded by a foreboding black and purple feather boa. Cut a haunted house shape from black cardstock and attach it to the center of the wreath form.

10. The Poison Apple Wreath by The Vixens Den

Inspired by tales of witches and forbidden fruits, this wreath uses red and green apple decorations sprinkled with ‘poison’ – glitter! Arrange the apples around the wreath form, then add a few faux black branches and leaves for contrast.

11. The Zombie Hands Wreath by Tried and True Blog

Emerging zombie hands give this wreath a startling and unique appearance, as if the undead are breaking free. Paint plastic hands to look decayed and attach them around a moss-covered wreath form for contrast.

12. The Sparkling Spiderweb Wreath by Deann Creates

A chic take on Halloween, this wreath dazzles with a silver and black spiderweb design, accented by a glamorous sparkling spider at the center. Create the web using silver metallic yarn on a black wreath form.

13. The Ghostly Whisper Wreath by Twelve on Main

Soft and eerie, this wreath employs white and translucent materials to mimic ghostly apparitions floating amidst a moonlit night. Layer strips of white and sheer fabric around a wreath form, allowing them to drape and flow.

14. The Harvest Moon Wreath by Madin Crafts

Celebrating the full moon of Halloween, this wreath combines autumnal elements with a large, glowing moon centerpiece made from a light-up lantern. Surround the lantern with fall leaves, berries, and small pumpkins to create a harvest theme.

15. The Crypt Keeper’s Door Wreath by One Project Closer

For those who prefer a darker narrative, this wreath mimics the entrance to a crypt, with aged scrolls, black roses, and skeletal elements. Incorporate aged paper scrolls written with spooky messages around the wreath.

16. The Trick-or-Treater’s Delight Wreath by Adreinne Watson

A fun and vibrant wreath, this one features a collection of miniature candy replicas, wrapped in bright Halloween colors. Attach the fake candies to a wreath form covered in festive wrapping paper.

17. The Mystic Moon and Stars Wreath by Grit and Graceful

Drawing inspiration from the night sky, this wreath beautifully combines celestial elements with a Halloween twist. Use dark blue and black ribbons to create a night sky background, then attach silver moon and star decorations.

18. The October’s End Bloom Wreath by Craft Berry Bush

This wreath is a tribute to the beauty of late autumn, featuring an assortment of fall flowers and foliage tinged with Halloween hues. Incorporate rich reds, deep oranges, and dark purples among the greenery for a lush, vibrant display.

In the spirit of Halloween, each of these wreaths offers a unique way to welcome the eerie season with both charm and creativity. From the gentle whispers of ghostly apparitions to the bold statement of zombie hands breaking free, these designs cater to a wide array of tastes and seasonal preferences.

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