Cheap Toy Storage Ideas

18 Cheap Toy Storage Ideas

Keeping toys organized can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. There are numerous creative and affordable toy storage solutions that can help maintain a clutter-free and kid-friendly space.

Repurposing household items like clear plastic bins, shoe organizers, and hanging baskets can be an economical way to store toys neatly. Utilizing cube shelves, which are both functional and visually appealing, allows for easy categorization and access to toys. Dollar stores offer budget-friendly options such as colorful bins, wire baskets, and storage bags that can be used to corral toys of all shapes and sizes.

Embracing DIY projects, like repainting old crates or using tension rods to create a stuffed animal zoo, adds a personalized touch without breaking the bank. With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, it’s possible to achieve organized toy storage on a budget.

1. Clear Plastic Bins by Joann

Clear plastic bins are an affordable and versatile toy storage solution. Not only do they allow for easy visibility of toys, but they also come in various sizes, making them suitable for different items. Stackable and space-efficient, these bins are perfect for organizing toys in closets or on shelves.

2. Shoe Organizer Storage by Amazon

Repurpose a hanging shoe organizer for toy storage. Hang it on the back of a door or on a wall to keep small toys, action figures, or art supplies easily accessible. This budget-friendly solution is both practical and space-saving.

3. Cube Shelves by Target

Cube shelves are an excellent way to organize toys in a visually appealing manner. These versatile shelves provide designated spaces for different types of toys, encouraging kids to keep their playthings in order. You can often find affordable cube shelves at discount stores or through online marketplaces.

4. Dollar Store Baskets by Walmart

Visit your local dollar store for an assortment of colorful baskets. These budget-friendly options can be used to corral toys, making cleanup a breeze. Choose a variety of sizes and colors to create an organized and aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

5. Repurposed Crates by Brit+co

Give old wooden crates a new lease on life by repainting or decorating them. These crates can serve as charming and cost-effective toy storage units. Stack them or arrange them on the floor for a rustic and personalized touch to your child’s play area.

6. DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo by Ohbaby

Tame the stuffed animal chaos with a DIY stuffed animal zoo. Use tension rods and bungee cords to create a cage-like structure that holds the fluffy inhabitants. This whimsical solution not only provides storage but also adds a touch of fun to the room.

7. Wire Baskets y BHG

Wire baskets from discount stores are an economical choice for toy storage. Their open design allows for easy access to toys, and they can be easily incorporated into existing shelving units or placed on the floor for a casual and organized look.

8. Hanging Baskets by Walmart

Maximize vertical space by utilizing hanging baskets. Hang them on hooks or from the ceiling to store toys or art supplies. This approach is particularly useful for small rooms where floor space is limited.

9. Toy Storage Bags by Bird in Bag

Invest in large, durable toy storage bags that can hold a significant number of toys. These bags often come with handles, making it easy for kids to transport their toys from one room to another. Look for affordable options online or at discount retailers.

10. Drawer Organizers by Amazon

Drawer organizers aren’t just for kitchen utensils – they can also be repurposed for toy storage. Use them in dressers, on shelves, or inside closets to keep small toys, building blocks, or art supplies neatly organized.

11. Storage Ottoman by Wayfair

Add functionality to your living space with a storage ottoman. Not only does it provide a comfortable seating option, but it also offers concealed storage for toys, board games, or other playroom essentials.

12. Plastic Storage Bags with Handles by Walmart

Large plastic storage bags with handles are a cost-effective solution for storing bulky items like stuffed animals or soft toys. These bags are easy to carry, making it convenient for kids to tidy up their play area.

13. Repurposed Bookshelves by Buzzfeed

Give old bookshelves a new purpose by using them for toy storage. Paint or decorate them to match the room’s theme and use the shelves to organize toys, books, and other playtime necessities.

14. Cardboard Box Storage by Hometalk

Don’t underestimate the power of cardboard boxes. They can be transformed into custom storage solutions with a bit of creativity. Decorate them, stack them, and label them for an affordable and customizable toy storage option.

15. Under-Bed Storage by Amazon

Maximize under-bed space with low-profile storage bins. These containers are perfect for storing toys that aren’t frequently used, keeping the bedroom or playroom clutter-free.

16. Basket Wall Display by Wayfair

Create a visually pleasing toy storage solution by arranging baskets on the wall. This not only provides storage but also serves as a decorative element in the room.

17. Magnetic Toy Storage by Walmart

Make use of vertical space by attaching magnetic strips to the walls or the back of a door. Attach small metal toys or play tools to the strips, keeping them organized and within reach.

18. Cabinet with Fabric Bins by Amazon

Utilize an old or inexpensive cabinet and fill it with fabric bins. These bins can be easily pulled out, providing accessible and organized storage for toys of various shapes and sizes. Paint or decorate the cabinet for an added touch of personalization.

In conclusion, achieving an organized and clutter-free play area for your children doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. With these 18 affordable toy storage ideas, you can transform chaos into order on a budget.

From repurposing household items to utilizing creative DIY solutions, there are numerous ways to keep toys neatly arranged without breaking the bank. Whether you opt for clear plastic bins, repainted crates, or a hanging shoe organizer, the key is to find a solution that suits your space and encourages your kids to participate in the cleanup process.

By combining creativity with resourcefulness, you can create a functional and visually appealing toy storage system that benefits both your wallet and your sanity. Happy organizing!

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