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22 Cheap DIY Greenhouse Ideas

22 Cheap DIY Greenhouse Ideas

Creating your own greenhouse doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can build an affordable DIY greenhouse that suits your gardening needs. In this article, we’ll explore 21 budget-friendly ideas to help you get started on your green-thumb journey without draining your wallet.

1. PVC Pipe Greenhouse by Life is Short so Enjoy It

Utilize PVC pipes to construct a sturdy and cost-effective greenhouse frame. Simply connect the pipes to form a structure and cover them with greenhouse plastic or reclaimed shower curtains for an inexpensive covering.

2. Window Frame Greenhouse by A Small Life

Repurpose old windows to craft a charming greenhouse. Arrange the windows to form the walls and roof, ensuring a snug fit to retain warmth. This not only adds character but also repurposes materials that might otherwise go to waste.

3. Hoop House with PVC by Alberta Home Gardening

Create a hoop house using PVC pipes bent into an arch shape. This simple and economical design allows for easy construction and flexibility in choosing the size of your greenhouse. Cover the hoops with plastic sheeting to complete the structure.

4. Recycled Pallet Greenhouse by Diy Craftsy

Transform pallets into a functional greenhouse frame. Disassemble the pallets and use the wood to build the structure, saving on costs. Cover the pallet greenhouse with transparent plastic or greenhouse film to create an efficient growing environment.

5. Cloche Mini Greenhouse by Twelve on Main

Repurpose plastic bottles or containers to make cloches for individual plants. These mini greenhouses provide protection from the elements and can be placed over young seedlings or sensitive plants in the garden.

6. Salvaged Materials Greenhouse by Green Building Canada

Scour salvage yards or construction sites for discarded materials like old doors, windows, or wooden frames. Combine these salvaged items creatively to construct a unique and budget-friendly greenhouse with character.

7. Portable Greenhouse by Garden Erd

Opt for a portable greenhouse made from lightweight materials like PVC and plastic sheeting. This allows you to move the greenhouse easily, providing flexibility in plant placement and taking advantage of sunlight.

8. Tarp and PVC Greenhouse by Chicago Canvas

Use a tarp as a cost-effective alternative to traditional greenhouse coverings. Combine the tarp with a PVC frame to create a simple yet effective structure for protecting your plants from the elements.

9. Straw Bale Cold Frame by Savvy Gardening

Arrange straw bales to form the walls of a cold frame greenhouse. This method provides insulation and protects plants from frost. Top the straw bales with a transparent cover, such as old windows or plastic sheeting.

10. Old Umbrella Greenhouse by Simple Most

Upcycle old umbrellas into mini greenhouses for potted plants. Remove the fabric from the umbrella frame, leaving a skeleton structure. Place these over your potted plants to shield them from harsh weather conditions.

11. Tiered Greenhouse Shelves by Dream of Home

Build a tiered greenhouse using wooden shelves or pallets. This vertical design maximizes space and allows for easy organization of plants. Cover each tier with transparent plastic to create individual growing spaces.

12. Bamboo Greenhouse by Premeditated Leftovers

Utilize bamboo as a sustainable and affordable building material for your greenhouse frame. Connect bamboo poles to create a sturdy structure, and cover it with greenhouse plastic or shade cloth for an efficient growing environment.

13. Attached Solar Greenhouse by Back Woods Home

Start by selecting a sunny location for your DIY attached solar greenhouse. Construct a sturdy frame using PVC pipes or lumber, attaching it securely to the south-facing side of your existing structure Cover the frame with clear, UV-resistant plastic sheeting to create a cost-effective and efficient solar greenhouse.

14. Cattle Panel Hoop House by Whole Made Home Stead

Use cattle panels as a frame for a sturdy hoop house. These panels are readily available and provide a robust structure for supporting plastic covering. This economical design is particularly suitable for larger greenhouse setups.

15. DIY Greenhouse Kit by Hgtv

Create your own greenhouse kit by repurposing materials like PVC, wood, or metal pipes. Customize the size and shape based on your gardening needs, and cover it with greenhouse plastic or polyethylene sheets.

16. Floating Row Cover Greenhouse by The House and Home Stead

Employ floating row covers made from lightweight materials like spun-bonded fabric or polypropylene. These covers protect plants from frost and pests while allowing sunlight and moisture to reach your crops.

17. Wine Bottle Wall Greenhouse by Instructables

Construct a unique greenhouse by repurposing wine bottles. Stack the bottles to form colorful and translucent walls that allow sunlight to filter through. Combine this with a simple frame for a distinctive and budget-friendly greenhouse.

18. Cinder Block Cold Frame by Daves Garden

Arrange cinder blocks to create the walls of a cold frame greenhouse. This durable and affordable method provides excellent insulation for your plants. Cover the cinder block structure with a transparent material to complete the greenhouse.

19. Repurposed Shower Door Greenhouse by Houk Garden

Salvage old shower doors and repurpose them as walls for your greenhouse. The transparent glass provides excellent light transmission, creating an ideal environment for your plants. Combine the shower doors with a sturdy frame for stability.

20. DIY Greenhouse with Polycarbonate Panels by Glass Genius

Opt for cost-effective polycarbonate panels instead of traditional glass for your greenhouse. These panels provide insulation and diffuse light, creating an efficient and affordable growing environment. Build a simple frame to support the panels and create a durable structure.

21. Poly tunnel Greenhouse by Sow and Dipity

Construct a simple and cost-effective polytunnel greenhouse using PVC pipes or metal conduit bent into an arched shape. Cover the frame with greenhouse polyethylene plastic to create a tunnel-like structure. This design provides ample space for plants to grow while offering protection from the elements, making it an economical option for gardeners looking to maximize their growing area on a budget.

22. Repurposed Storm Windows Greenhouse by Mother Earth News

Give old storm windows a new life by transforming them into a greenhouse. Arrange the windows to create the walls and roof, ensuring a tight seal to retain warmth. This up cycling project not only reduces waste but also provides an affordable solution for creating a functional and charming greenhouse in your backyard.

Building a budget-friendly greenhouse is not only a rewarding DIY project but also an eco-friendly approach to sustainable gardening. From repurposed materials to creative designs, these 21 ideas showcase the versatility of affordable greenhouse construction.

Whether you have a spacious backyard or a small balcony, there’s a cost-effective greenhouse solution that can cater to your gardening aspirations without putting a strain on your finances. Explore these DIY options, embrace your creativity, and watch your plants thrive in your very own frugal greenhouse.