Best Travel Packing Tips

25 Best Travel Packing Tips That Every Traveler Should Know!

If you often incur extra luggage fees, packing might be difficult. Many how-to-travel-light suggestions recommend carrying two weeks’ baggage in a palm-sized backpack. I have 25 easy packing method swaps and modifications to reduce packing weight and baggage space without wearing the same panties four days a row. Certain packing tricks may be more straightforward to adopt. I don’t need straighteners since my hair is straight. My pal would sooner go barefoot than forgo her GHDs on vacation.

Begin With Smaller Baggage

You’ll fill your bag, so beginning small helps. If you have overloaded luggage on your bed and need fast packing advice, this switch may be for your next vacation. It let me quickly go from a 70-litre/15kg backpack to a 55-litre/10kg one.

Travel Scales Replace Guessing Weight

How can you tell whether you packed light without knowing your baggage weight? If you overpack, weighing your suitcase at the airport is too late. I bought inexpensive travel scales from Boots in the UK. Amazon sells them cheaply.

Follow A Packing List

Ever put your “must-take” stuff in your enormous bag and realized you still had room? Oooh, goody, you think as you search your drawers for unworn items. Be strong. Use a packing list to pack just the basics.

Compression-pack Cubes

In addition to making it more straightforward to discover items when traveling, packing cubes restrict how many garments you may carry and compress your clothes to half their space. Naturally, this suggestion saves space rather than weight. More compression means a heavier packing cube.

Max of 3 Multi-purpose Shoes

Having brown sandals for a white dress, black heels for beautiful shorts, and more is a great touch. But you must restrain yourself since shoes take up a lot of suitcase room. I now carry one pair of daily shoes (boots in winter, sandals in summer), foldable ballerina flats, and running shoes for outside activities.

Cover Your Shoes With Shower Caps.

Your sneakers shouldn’t rub against your new white shirt. But you don’t need a shoe compartment in your bag either—no need for an expensive, cumbersome shoe carrier. Wrap an inexpensive, flimsy shower cap around your shoes.

Slim Drawstring Washbags

I tried various travel wash bags and make-up bags before choosing an inexpensive supermarket drawstring wash bag. It’s lightweight, washable, and spill-proof.

Pack Technical, Lightweight Clothes

One or two clever changes may save you room and weight in winter gear. Compare thick linen trousers to flimsy cotton skirts folded and weighed. A few layers instead of clunky jumpers. Purchase technical gear. The North Face is good, but Uniqlo has thin thermals. Leggings or tights beneath your garments may offer warmth without weighing down your suitcase.

Travel With The Bulkiest Clothes.

Terminals are generally the same temperature, and flights are frigid. Wear your pants and boots instead of packing them. You may sweat 30 minutes during your arrival transfer, but your case will be more significant.

Find Local Laundry Or Use Hotel Soap

I’ve always found affordable laundry internationally. You can drop off a bag in the morning and pick it up clean and folded in the afternoon. If all else fails, soap and a hotel sink can clean most things.

Choose A Sarong Over A Towel

Hotels usually provide towels. Hostels charge a nominal fee to rent one. Bring a towel if you want to avoid fees on a lengthy journey. For shorter trips, a sarong works. It travels smaller, dries faster, and may be used as a scarf, beach towel, or backpack.

Electric Toothbrush For Travel

Swapping your substantial electric toothbrush with a small Sonic lets you maintain excellent oral health while traveling. It’s battery-powered and sealed.

Share Your Toiletries, Or Purchase Them When You Arrive.

You and half your carrying weight share sharing things. Even isolated areas have stores that stock many of your favorite brands of sun lotion, deodorant, insect repellent, and shower gel.

Pack A Little Shampoo And Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioners usually suggest a coin-sized glob. A 100ml/3.5oz shampoo lasts two weeks for my long hair. A 100ml/3.5oz conditioner lasts a month. Top up with hotel freebies, or buy locally if you run out. I use hair oil instead of conditioner in hot places. It moisturizes my hair better and comes in smaller bottles.

Only Take The Necessary Drugs.

While traveling, you’re unlikely to utilize a drug you haven’t used in weeks/months. All those ‘just in case’ pills might add unnecessary heft. I’ve never been without a drugstore.

Instead Of Liquids, Use Solids.

Most solid toiletries are smaller, lighter, last longer, and don’t stay within your liquid limit. Solids for hair, deodorant, body ‘lotion,’ and soap instead of shower gel should be readily available.

Enjoy A Mani-pedi While Traveling

A short journey may be made last by doing your nails. Look for nail bars for more extended visits. Mani-pedis are surprisingly affordable. Why not reward yourself while on vacation? Avoid packing your complete nail bar for your holiday.

Buy Travel-sized Fragrance

Travel-size perfume is one of the most costly, but it’s compact to carry and lasts longer since you dab, not spray. If not, use a travel atomizer.

Large Jewelry Stays Home.

Leave hefty costume jewelry at home. Choose one or two tiny trinkets that match everything, or purchase local jewelry while traveling. You may pack and buy a keepsake while helping the local economy. I didn’t wear plain jewelry on safari in Africa. Some places should be jewelry-free.

Revise Your Sanitary Products

Packing all your supplies for the next period may fill your baggage fast, even with applicator tampons instead of pads. If you’re willing to experiment, non-applicator tampons and menstruation cups are more diminutive.

Ask Your Hotel About Hairdryers

I know some hair needs extra heat, so bring your hair dryer. Most hotels let you dry your hair. Purchase a travel hairdryer if you must bring one. Travel-sized straighteners and curling irons are available. Ask reception for a hairdryer if your room doesn’t have one. Many maintain a few instead of outfitting every area.

Acquire Portable Headphones

Nothing sounds like your beats. Do you want to fill your favorite headphones with sand? Many tiny headphones sound great.

Avoid Books And Borrow A Kindle

If I can’t persuade you to switch to ebooks, continue with the following packing advice. If you’re undecided, get a Kindle. I prefer paper books, but for travel, I use Kindle. Why: hundreds of books, a night light, and cheaper books than paperbacks. Many hotels provide book swaps for non-Kindle owners. Kindles are fantastic travel gifts otherwise.

See Collapsible Variations.

Bulky Travel Pillows And Water Containers Consume Much Room. Both Deflate/collapse.

Leave Your Cards At Home.

You’re unlikely to utilize your local coffee loyalty card when traveling. That boiling sweet Aunty Ruth put into your palm ended up at the bottom of your suitcase. Spend 10 minutes cleaning out your purse and handbag. I carry a tiny coin purse for trips with a few credit cards and money. I take less, reducing the danger of a purse grab while gone. Your weight loss will surprise you. It may not count toward your baggage but will save your shoulder.


Efficient packing is vital for a stress-free and joyful trip. These 25 packing ideas help travelers reduce weight, increase baggage space, and expedite packing. Each suggestion helps minimize weight and maximize convenience when traveling, from selecting adaptable apparel to travel-sized toiletries.

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