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55 Best Side Hustle Jobs: The Ultimate List (2024)

55 Best Side Hustle Jobs: The Ultimate List (2024)

Searching for the best side hustle ideas to make an extra income?

Well then, you are at the right place.

We have curated a list of 50+ easy side hustle ideas that are sure to earn you a decent passive income (both online and offline).

No more excuses that a lack of idea has stopped you from experimenting with something new 🙂

And what’s special about these side hustle ideas?

These are side job ideas that require little to no investment to get started. And you do not need any special skills to perform them. Above all, they are all highly profitable and promising ideas to earn you decent side money in your spare time.

In fact, this blog started as a side hustle. Now it has grown large enough to bring us a decent passive income on the side. (Oops, did we just give away the number 1 idea on the list!)

Ready to begin?

Let’s get started!

50+ Best Side Hustle Ideas:

Here is a list of more than fifty high-paying side hustles you should explore!

1. Start a Blog

Blogging is our most recommended side hustle idea. Blogging provides tremendous potential for earning passive income and you can easily scale your blog to start earning thousands of dollars every month.

This very website you are reading right now started as a side hustle. It now generates a decent passive income on autopilot with hardly a few hours of work every week. And that’s why blogging is our most recommended side hustle idea.

If you can spare a few hours every day for the next few months to build your blog and create valuable content, you are fast-tracking your path to financial independence.

We have a free step-by-step guide that will take you through the entire process of starting your blog. It hardly takes an hour of work.

Ready to get started?

You can find the guide below.

Learn How to Start a Blog & Make Money

2. Become a Proofreader

Proofreading is our next recommendation when it comes to side jobs.

If you have a good eye to spot errors and a good grasp of any language, you can become a proofreader. As a proofreader, your job will be to find mistakes and eliminate them. Whether it be errors in punctuation marks, misspelled words, or formatting errors, you will have to find and rectify them.

If you are looking for the best side hustles from home, Proofreading might be a perfect fit for you.

Like being a transcriptionist, you will have a lot of freedom and flexibility as a proofreader. You can work at your pace, at any location, and at any time you want. You will be paid based on the hours you spent and the level of service you provide.

Caitlin Pyle, the founder of Proofread Anywhere, used to earn more than $40K every year through proofreading alone.

Being a highly successful freelance proofreader, she started Proofread Anywhere to help others learn the same and find clients.

If you want to learn how to get started as a proofreader, you can take Caitlin’s free workshop. The workshop is fully free and you can learn so much about making money as a freelance proofreader.

Free Proofread Anywhere Workshop

3. Spending Time on Reward Platforms

Did you know that you could make money filling surveys online?

Businesses and academicians spend an insane amount of money on consumer research, for reaching their target audience and getting opinions.

Platforms like American Consumer Opinion, Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, etc., connects you to such surveyors.

Once you register on these platforms, they will collect a basic background detail of yours and instantly match you with available surveys. And will pay you a handsome amount for filling the surveys as well.

In fact, they pay out several million dollars to survey attendees every year!

Well, you definitely won’t get super-rich filling surveys. But you can easily make a couple of hundred bucks in side income every month. Sometimes, the payout would come in the form of rewards like gift cards, coupons, discounts, etc.

This idea is so simple that you could make it your second side job. You can have a side gig with more earning potential and supplement your earnings by attending paid surveys (who wouldn’t want a free couple of hundred dollars every month!).

Whether you are looking for top side hustles for teens, side hustles for students, side hustles for men or side hustles for women, filling surveys is one of the best extra income ideas you can make use of. You can perform simple side gigs to make money (like filling surveys, playing games, watching videos) through the reward platforms.

Start Earning with American Consumer Opinion

4. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are an organized person looking for side jobs that pay well, you could render your service as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants provide their clients with administrative help and support, bookkeeping, customer service, and social media while working from their home office.

As a VA, you will essentially be trading your time for money. Depending upon your time availability, you can decide to work full-time or part-time as a virtual assistant.

A few websites where you can find virtual assistant jobs are Upwork, Fiverr, Zirtual, etc.

Gina Horkey, from the Horkey Handbook and the author of “Make Money As A Virtual Assistant“, used to earn $48,000+ in side income every year as a virtual assistant while holding a full-time job. After achieving success as a virtual assistant, she has been teaching people how to start and grow their VA business by sharing her own journey.

If you want to learn more about being a VA, you can download her free VA Workbook where she will teach you about the services you can offer as a VA,  how to land your first paying client, and show you how her students were able to break into the VA industry successfully.

Free VA Workbook

5. Selling Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is a leading gig and services marketplace where you can sell your own services. The services could vary from ghostwriting, video creation to animation and voice-over jobs.

The prices start from $5 per task. But the more services you sell and the more reputation you build, you can start providing services for much higher pay (including upper three-figure pay per hour). There are people who earn a six-figure income from Fiverr services alone.

If you have a skill set that you would like to help other businesses with, you could register on Fiverr and start selling your service. Once you attain the super seller status, you will be able to charge three-figure rates for hourly services easily.

Start Freelancing On Fiverr For Free

6. Create an Online Course

The next side gig on our list is creating online courses. It’s one of the most profitable side business ideas and is typically employed by teachers and experts in a niche.

If you are an expert in any niche (be it marketing, medicine, sports, or history) or looking for the best side jobs for teachers, you can create and sell online courses to make money on the side.

You can create courses on platforms like Udemy, Teachable, or Podia and make a consistent passive income from them. By creating courses that deliver massive value, you can make a substantial side income from your courses. By creating online courses on topics you have expertise in, you will be leveraging your skillset to generate extra income.

With platforms like Udemy, you can set your own tuition rates for the courses and make use of Udemy’s traffic and marketing power to make money. If you have an existing follower base or email list that you could sell your courses to, you will be able to get reviews and build traction on your courses faster.

Kevin David, a multi-millionaire online course creator, 8 figure entrepreneur, and creator of Digital Course Secrets has a free webinar on how to become a successful course creator and make money from your courses. You can join the webinar to understand the A-Z of profitable course creation.

Free Online Course Creation Webinar From Kevin David

7. Create a YouTube Channel

If you are looking for the best side hustles from home, YouTube would be a great match for you. YouTube is a highly popular medium to earn side income.

In fact, YouTube provides immense opportunities that you could even become a full-time YouTuber once your channel starts gaining more subscribers. Top YouTubers earn more than $10 million dollars every year from YouTube.

It takes some time to build a subscriber base, increase your video views, and make money from YouTube. Thus YouTube isn’t the best option if you are looking for easy side hustles to make money fast. But if you are willing to create helpful and engaging videos consistently, you will be able to start earning a good side income from YouTube.

And over a period of a few years, if you are able to consistently create new and engaging videos, you would have built up a good subscriber base to even start earning a full-time income. With your YouTube channel, you can also publish videos to promote and upsell your viewers to other products and services you offer.

8. Write an E-Book

Another one of the best side jobs from home is writing and self-publishing an e-book. Self-publishing has never been easier. With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can get your ebooks published in under 72 hours for free.

Unlike old times when you had to strike a deal with a publisher to get your books on the shelf, you can publish and sell your books in a matter of a few clicks today.

Moreover, with Createspace, you can even convert your Kindle ebooks to paperback versions and sell on Amazon for absolutely no cost. In effect, you can now publish your books for absolutely free and make a commission each time you sell a copy. The best part is that since you are publishing your book directly on Amazon, you could potentially even make sales with no promotions at all.

Ana from The She Approach has created the course “Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp” to help people publish their own e-books. She has published not one, but three bestsellers, ranked on top of amazon categories and consistently makes between $500 to $3500 every month from her books.

You can explore this course if you want to learn in-depth about how to publish your own e-book and generate an income passively for the years to come.

E-Book Bestseller Bootcamp Course

9. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative side hustles to make money. The earning potential is really high and the barrier to entry is low.

The competition is high in affiliate marketing, but the pie is big enough that you can always make nice side money with good efforts. There are several affiliate programs that pay hundreds of dollars in commission per sale.

Few Of The Popular Affiliate Marketing Programs That Pay Good Commission Are:

  1. Bluehost ($65 per signup)
  2. Wix ($100 per premium user referral)
  3. SEMRush ($200 per subscription sale, $10 per trial activation $0.01 for every new registration)
  4. WP Engine ($200+ per signup or 100% of the first-month price)
  5. BigCommerce (200% of the first-month price or $1500 per enterprise sale)
  6. ConstantContact ($5 per trial sign-up and $105 per paying referral)
  7. Sendinblue (€5 per referral and €100 per paying referral)
  8. ($100 per premium sale)
  9. Ninja Outreach (50% recurring commission)
  10. WP Engine ($200+ per signup or 100% of the first-month price)

10. Create an Audiobook

The next on our list is one of the best side jobs from home. It’s creating audiobooks. It is an often underlooked side hustle idea, but one with massive earning potential. Googling the audiobook sales revenue on platforms like Audible and iTunes will give you an idea about the potential of this side business.

If you have expertise in any particular topic, you could create non-fiction books on those topics and start selling them on platforms like Audible. A few popular niches for creating your non-fiction ebook are self-improvement, finance, and health-related audiobooks.

You could earn a decent side income through your audiobooks. And similar to ebooks, you will be able to earn income passively for as long as your audiobooks are live on the internet. That is another interesting aspect of audiobooks that makes this method one of the best ways to make money on the side.

11. Become a Social Media Manager

Another one of the easy side hustles from home is to become a social media manager. Almost all businesses require social media managers.

It is difficult for business owners to spend time managing social media when they have more important business aspects to take care of. Many small to medium businesses thus tend to outsource their social media management to external parties.

You can simply reach out to businesses you believe you could provide your service and add value while they benefit from having a social media manager. You will mostly receive a monthly fee for your services.

And if you perform well with social media and bring them new leads and customers, you could even get a percentage of the sales as commission for your work. It definitely is one of the best extra income ideas.

12. Become an Email Marketer

Email is one of the oldest and most effective communication and marketing channels employed by marketers for decades. Even though the concept of email and email marketing came to popularity in the 1970s, it is still as effective as earlier, if not more. According to DMA national Client Email Report 2015, email marketing has an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent, and 1 in 5 companies report an ROI of over 70:1.

The Returns On Investment (ROI) above shows how effective email marketing is. Email marketing and running a newsletter is one of the most lucrative side hustles to make money.

With around 4 billion people using email and billions of emails being sent each day, email spamming has become a common problem and most people only subscribe to high-quality mail lists and newsletters of late.

Popular Email Marketing Tools You would Love:

  1. ConstantContact
  2. Sendinblue 
  3. GetResponse 
  4. AWeber 
  5. ActiveCampaign 

Even though it has become slightly more difficult to engage & retain your subscribers, email marketing & newsletter business still is one of the best side hustles from home.

13. Start a Dropshipping Business

If you are looking for a side gig with enormous potential for scaling, dropshipping might be perfect for you.

Dropshipping is a popular business model since it enables people to sell products without having to manage inventory and shipping. This results in a low startup cost and reduced risk for the entrepreneurs.

By eliminating the need to manage inventory and shipping, you effectively only have to focus on sales and customer service. If you have previous expertise in marketing, then dropshipping would be a suitable side hustle for you. The earning potential is tremendous and good marketers stand to earn a great side income from dropshipping.

Few popular niches that you could consider for your dropshipping store are fashion and beauty products, toys, electronics, and kitchen equipment. You are not limited to these niches, you can choose any niche that you believe has potential. There are a lot of untapped niches that you could target for your dropshipping side business.

14. Becoming a Freelance Writer

Are you a good writer? Do you enjoy writing?

If so, you should consider becoming a freelance writer. It’s one of the best side hustles from home and pays well for your efforts.

The advantage of being a freelance writer is that you get to work with clients you choose, there are no set hours to work, you can decide the amount of work you want to take up, and above all, you get to work at the comfort of your home.

The only disadvantage is that your earnings will be capped as a freelancer. Should you choose side jobs like blogging or dropshipping, your income potential is uncapped. But as a freelancer, there is a limit to how many hours you can work and how many words you can write.

There are many websites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc., where you could find writing jobs easily.

Also, make sure to slowly raise your charges as you start having more clients and become more experienced. Once you have built a reputation as a popular writer in a particular niche, you can even start charging three-figure rates per 1000 words.

15. Become a Social Media Influencer

Becoming an influencer is all about building a personal brand. If you have dreamed about being famous as a child, there’s no better time to be alive. With the advent of the internet and social media, it hasn’t just become easier to be popular; you can even make money as an influencer.

Whether you have a great fashion sense, you cook well, sing well, or dance well; you can create a personal brand through social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

As an influencer, you make money through sponsored posts, promoting affiliate products, etc. It takes some time to start making money as an influencer since you have to build a good follower base. But once you have an engaged following, it’s a passive income source you could utilize for the years to come.

Helpful Social Media Influencer Tip: The earning potential of an influencer does not just depend on the number of followers you have but on how engaging your audience is. Businesses love to partner with influencers who get excellent customer engagement on their posts. Also, be consistent about the type of content you share and your posting schedule.

16. Sell Your Photography

Do you have some good old photos you clicked lying unused on your phone or PC? If so, did you know that you could actually make money selling them? And that it is not so hard to sell them as well?

If you have a camera, an eye for photography, and some photoshop skills, you could make a decent side income from selling your photos. You could sell your photos on websites like Shutterstock (they have paid out more than $1 billion to their contributors!), Getty Images, Foap, etc.

Once you have sold some photos and start getting a reputation as a good photographer, you could start providing direct photography services for weddings and other events. Make sure that you add as many photos as you can to the stock photo websites. That way, you are improving your chances of getting found and selling more licenses. It’s the perfect side gig for photography enthusiasts.

17. Rent Extra Rooms at Your Home

Do you have some extra rooms at your house that you could rent out?

If so, you could make money renting your rooms through Airbnb. With the rise of sharing economy, more and more people have started renting out rooms through marketplace platforms like Airbnb. It’s much cheaper and a different experience altogether.

Why would anyone want to stay in a normal hotel when they could stay at a home (for a much lower place) and explore the local culture!

Thus, becoming an Airbnb host is a great way to earn side money fast while meeting new and interesting people from around the world. There are people who rent homes and then host them on Airbnb to earn massive amounts of money. With the number of travelers only expected to grow in the coming years, Airbnb hosting is a promising side hustle idea.

18. Selling Used Items on eBay or Craigslist

If you have some old things lying around in your home that you will not need anymore, you could make some money selling them on websites like eBay and Craigslist.

You could sell any used items like household appliances, furniture, collectibles, and even books. You can even help your friends and neighbors sell their items and take a commission from the sales as well.

When you are planning to sell your old items, the only things you have to strategize about is to take good photos and write great product descriptions. And obviously, make sure that you do not sell damaged items. It’s one of the easy side jobs from home to make some quick cash.

Interesting Fact: There are people who perform flipping through Craigslist and eBay to collect highly valuable items. They essentially start by selling a low-value item and then use the money generated from selling that item to buy a new one. Which they then sell again for a higher value. They continue this till they end up with a highly valuable object or service they could use or sell for massive profits. How innovative and amazing an idea right! You can watch this Ted Talk by Kyle Macdonald on how he traded a paper clip for a house: What if you could trade a paperclip for a house?

19. Drive for Uber, Lyft and DoorDash

Similar to sharing homes through platforms like Airbnb, online cab hiring is another idea that exploded with the rise of sharing economy. Companies like Uber and Lyft have grown to achieve multi-billion dollar valuations in a matter of years.

Driving for Uber or Lyft is another high paying side hustle idea to make money quickly. If you are a good driver and have a vehicle you could use, you can start driving for rideshare companies and generate a decent side income through this.

Apart from rideshare companies, you can also consider becoming a delivery agent for food and grocery delivery platforms like DoorDash, Instacart, etc.

One advantage of being a delivery driver is that you are not limited to just cars, you can use two-wheelers as well. Two-wheelers can help you navigate the traffic faster, finish more deliveries and earn more (especially if you are delivering in a mega city).

Even if you are looking for side hustles for students, you can consider becoming a delivery agent at night and make enough money to support your tuition (as long as you are above 18 years old).

20. Perform Micro-jobs

Would you like to earn money doing small and simple tasks?

If so, Amazon Mechanical Turk would be a great platform for you.

The earning potential is limited as you will only be earning a limited amount per microtask. But, you can perform multiple such micro-jobs over a period of a month to make a small side income.

Moreover, it’s a 24×7 on-demand platform and you will almost always find some task that you could perform.

If you are happy with making a few hundred dollars in side money every month, Mechanical Turk will prove to be a very useful platform for you.

21. Perform Mystery Shopping

One of the best side jobs for shopping enthusiasts is to become a mystery shopper.

Mystery shoppers are an important feedback mechanism employed by companies. As a mystery shopper, you would be visiting retail shops, perform shopping, document your experience as a customer, and provide your report to the company.

This way, companies can receive first-hand and unbiased feedback about their customer service. You benefit from getting paid for shopping while companies benefit from getting genuine feedback. An exciting and perfect win-win side hustle idea right!

22. Selling on Etsy

Are you an independent creator?

Then, you should consider selling your products on Etsy as a side gig. Becoming a seller in a popular marketplace platform might sound hard, but Etsy was created to support independent sellers. And they do a great job at it.

Etsy is majorly focused on handmade items, vintage items, and craft supplies. If you are good at art and crafts, you could use your skill to make money selling creative products on Etsy. You can sell a wide range of products from craft supplies, jewelry, toys, wall decor to drawings and illustrations.

If you are an independent creator looking for side jobs from home, you could make use of Etsy to sell your handmade products.

23. Notary Signing Agent

As a notary signing agent, you will be helping people with filling loan documents. The best part about being a notary signing agent is that you get to work for yourself on your own schedule.

Whether you are looking for side hustles for retired people or working professionals, you should consider becoming a notary signing agent due to the time flexibility it provides.

Lenders and title companies also hire notary agents as independent contractors. And you can expect to earn $100 to $200 per appointment.

24. Become a Tour Guide

Love traveling?

If yes, then how about making money helping travelers explore your native place and learn your culture?

Becoming a local tour guide is one of the best side hustles to earn money helping travelers understand your culture and native place. There are many websites where you can render your service as a tour guide.

If you are from a vacation destination, you will find immense opportunities to serve as a tour guide. Most travelers provide a generous tip even if you decide to provide your service for free. To improve your earnings, you can provide guided tours for groups instead of individuals. It’s the perfect side gig for people interested in the travel and tourism sector.

25. App Development

If you are proficient with programming languages like JavaScript, C#, PHP, etc., and are familiar with app development platforms like Firebase, React Native, etc., you could make money developing and selling mobile apps.

There are two ways you can make money from app development:

First, you can develop and publish your own apps on platforms like iOS App Store, Google Play Store, etc. If you have a good app idea with the potential to go viral, you can make a lot of money with mobile apps.

But in reality, the income potential is highly unpredictable as you could either make nothing or generate millions. There are mobile games and app development companies with revenues in billions as well. It’s a tough act, but with an extremely high upside if things go your way.

If you do not want to experiment, wait and see if your app would become successful or not, and you would rather get paid for the development efforts and time you put in; you could work as a freelance app developer in your free time.

This way, you can create and provide apps to your clients while getting paid for your time. You are building a career as an app developer as well with this method.

Because once you have worked with multiple clients and have built a reputation as a great developer, you will actually find companies offering you hefty pay packages to work for them. Moreover, app developers are in high demand at present.

If you are computer geek and love coding, there is no better side gig than becoming an app developer!

26. Web Development

If you are wondering why app development and web development are listed separately, it’s because both require different skillsets and knowledge. Moreover, you will be targeting two different markets as well. As a web developer, you will be developing websites and related services for businesses.

As was the case with app development, you could create a website of your own and decide to monetize it. But that’s just an inefficient idea as we have free platforms like WordPress where you could literally create a website in few hours with a web host like Bluehost. They fully eliminate the need to custom code a website from scratch and spend countless days developing your site. As a web developer, you would primarily be selling your services to other businesses.

If you are asking, couldn’t those businesses also set-up their websites with WordPress and Bluehost?

Well, obviously, yes. But when you are going that way, your design freedom is a bit limited. So, if you are receiving hundreds of thousands or millions of monthly visitors, you would prefer to have a unique design of your own for your website rather than have a custom template used by many other websites.

Even though hiring a web developer is costly, businesses prefer to have a custom and unique website once they start receiving a large number of website visitors.

As a small business, it might not be prudent to spend money on creating a unique website of your own as long as it plays a crucial part in your business. But when it comes to mid-level and bigger businesses, it’s best to have a customized website and experience for your visitors.

And as a web developer, your role would be to design and develop custom websites for your clients according to their requirements. You can charge your clients on either an hourly basis for your services or on a lumpsum basis for defined projects.

It’s another one of the best side hustles from home if you are good at coding.

In short, if you are willing to learn a new skill, you should consider picking up coding skills. Because it’s a side job from home, there are immense opportunities, and pays extremely well.

27. Peer To Peer Lending

If you have some extra cash with you and would like a good return in a short period of time, peer-to-peer lending is a good side hustle idea you should explore.

With P2P lending sites, you will receive a much better interest rate than investing in a bank account or fixed accounts. There are platforms that allow you to lend to businesses as well as individuals. You can leverage such platforms to generate a decent interest rate from your spare money.

Some websites have inbuilt algorithms to calculate the inherent risk and provide an appropriate risk-reward ratio to individual lenders.

Like investing in stock markets, peer-to-peer lending is also a passive income method. Even though the returns might not be as lucrative as investing in secondary markets, it’s still much better than the returns from a normal bank account, fixed deposits, etc.

28. Become a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are in high demand nowadays. With the advent of the internet, you can now even sell t-shirts without having to manufacture or ship anything.

All you have to do is to do create a graphic design and find customers. There are numerous platforms that will print your designs on t-shirts, manufacture them, and ship them out to your customers.

And such opportunities are not just limited to t-shirts. You can add your graphic designs to a wide range of products like wall decor, carpets, mugs, etc.

Besides adding your designs to products and selling them, you can directly sell your graphic designs to businesses that require them. In this case, all you have to do is create your designs and publish them on a graphic design marketplace.

Such platforms will have an existing marketplace that you could tap into, thereby eliminating the need to focus heavily on sales. If you are a graphic design enthusiast, you will love this since all you essentially have to do is create the designs. You will get organic sales with minimal promotional investment and will receive a revenue share for each sale of licenses.

It’s one of the best side jobs from home if you are a creative person who can come up with good graphic design ideas.

29. Sell Used Electronics For Cash

Have you heard of ecoATM?

It’s a kiosk where you sell your used phones for instant cash. They will recycle your devices and give a new life to them. It’s admiring how they prevent toxic electronic waste from entering our atmosphere.

Many people either throw away their used phones or keep old phones at home even when they do not find any use for them. Why not exchange them for some side money!

And not just your smartphones. You can exchange almost all your used electronics items to your nearby recycle stores. It’s quick money for you and good for the environment. You can even help others exchange their used electronics and charge them a small commission for your service. It’s a profitable side hustle idea that helps the environment.

30. Become a Personal Chef

Are you good at cooking?

If so, there is an interesting side hustle idea for you.

You could provide your service as a personal chef. There are many food enthusiasts who hire personal chefs to have more authentic and home-cooked food to avoid eating out. You can make use of such opportunities.

You can promote your service on search engines, social media platforms, etc. If you are a talented cook, you can actually build your reputation through this side gig and capitalize on it to further your career as a chef later. You can refer to websites like Take a Chef, Hire a Chef to find work opportunities as a private chef.

31. Provide Handyman Services

If you are handy with some job, you can provide your services to people who require them through platforms like TaskRabbit.

Whether you are a skilled painter, electrician, plumber, etc., there are many people who would benefit from your service.

And it’s not limited to skilled services, you can even provide installation services, furniture moving services, assembling services, etc. It is one of the best extra income ideas if you are in a bit of a bind for cash.

32.Become a Babysitter or Nanny

Babysitting is another fast way to earn some extra side income. With the increasing working population, the requirement for babysitters is only expected to increase.

If you like spending time with kids, this will be an exciting activity for you. You can visit websites like, Sittercity, and Urbansitter to post your services as a babysitter.

Especially if you are looking for side hustles for teens and students, babysitting would be a good idea for you. You will get to help your neighbors and earn a good side income. And when the kids are asleep, you will get enough time to work on your studies and homework as well.

33. Online Tutoring From Home

Another one of the best side hustles from home is to take up tutoring online. There are several websites that provide one-to-one online classes to children, help with homework, etc.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert in coding, math, economics, or politics, there are several platforms that you can make use of to teach the subjects you like. And please do not worry if you are not a professor or do not have a Ph.D.

As long as you have real experience and expertise in the subject you choose and have a fast internet connection at home, you are good to go. Most platforms will ask you to have a good internet connection to ensure that the classes are seamless and without any technical hassles.

A few of the popular tutoring sites include Course Hero, Chegg, Tutor, Preply, etc.

So, if you are an expert in any of the subjects and have a fast internet connection at home, tutoring is one of the best side jobs from home that you should explore.

34. Become an Amazon Seller

Did you know that you can become an Amazon seller easily?

There are people who earn millions as Amazon sellers.

What can you sell?

You can sell physical products (like soaps, notebooks, clothes, kitchen utensils, or almost anything you like), digital products, or your own merchandise all via Amazon. You can make use of the Amazon FBA program to fully outsource the fulfillment activities to Amazon and focus better on the sales part.

You can also design and sell your own T-shirts through the Merch by Amazon platform. Amazon will do the production, shipping, and customer relations. All you have to do is to design good looking t-shirts and optimize your listings for Amazon SEO. You can also promote externally to increase sales.

35. Become a Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is a person who listens and converts recorded or live audio files to text format. By being a transcriptionist, you can work at your own pace, at your own time, all at the comfort of your home.

You can perform transcriptionist services for bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, or for legal and medical services as well. It’s one of the best side jobs from home that pays well.

Transcribe Anywhere offers a free Transcription Mini-Course to jumpstart your transcription career. This free course will teach you all about transcription and how to find high-paying work easily. If you are new to the entire gamut of digital businesses, this course is a good place to get started.

Free Transcription Mini-Course

36. Real Estate Investment

If you have spare money with you to invest, one of the best side gigs that can take up is investing in real estate.

Real estate investment doesn’t require hundreds of thousands of dollars (or even thousands for that matter). Apps like Fintor and Roofstock have made real estate investments affordable to most. In fact, Fintor allows you to invest as low as $5.

Rental property investments are best for people searching for easy side hustles from home (like researching good yield properties in platforms like Fintor and Roofstock).

37. Performing Customer Interviews

One of the best side hustles for teens and students that we have mentioned was filling surveys. But there are platforms that you pay for attending more detailed interviews (30 minutes to 1 hour).

Companies like User Interviews pay you for providing feedback on products. An average study at User Interviews pays more than $50. The online interviews, focus groups, and studies last for around 30 minutes.

You can research other similar platforms that pay for product feedbacks online. This is one of the good side hustles from home that pay more than $50 for less than an hour’s work.

38. Selling Printables

Selling printables is another lucrative side gig for generating passive income from home. Similar to extra income ideas like creating e-books and online courses, you only have to do your work once, but will get paid every time you sell your printables for the years to come!

Etsy is the most popular platform for selling printables. You can also create your own store and sell directly.

From budget and mean plans to timetables and habit trackers, there are a number of printable ideas you can make use of.

39. Rent Your Car and RVs

Did you know that there are car hustles that can generate you passive income?

Well, you probably would have. But have you actually given it a thought?

You can rent your car on platforms like HyreCar. HyreCar pays more than $700 on average every month. That’s a decent car hustle income, right!

And if you think about it, we hardly use our cars for a couple of hours every day. It’s laying idle otherwise. Renting out your car is a great side hustle idea that you should consider.

If you have an RV, you can rent it out on platforms like Outdoorsy. And if you have some investable money with you, you can also consider getting an RV and renting it out. You can read the Outdoorsy Owner Stories to learn more about how RV owners are making thousands of dollars in passive income every month. It’s one of the best side hustles to make money passively.

Never knew car hustles were this effective for earning side income, right?!

40. Own & Operate Vending Machines

Vending machines are highly profitable assets with the potential to generate passive income. You can buy a good machine for a couple of thousand dollars. And a typical machine can generate a few thousand dollars in profits every year.

In short, you can expect to break even the first year and start generating profits from the second year. This makes owning and operating vending machines one of the best side jobs to try out.

You do have some monthly operational tasks (like refilling the machine, collecting money, etc.) that you have to set aside time for.

But if you have some investable cash available with you, vending machines are really profitable assets to invest in.

41. Flea Market Flipping

Another highly profitable side gig you should consider is flea market flipping.

Flea market flipping is the art of buying household items from garage sales and thrift stores at a discount and selling them at a profit.

Sounds crazy?

It’s true. You can make insane profits flipping flea market items.

Robert Stephensen at the Flea Market Flipper makes a six-figure income flipping items. After achieving success as a flipper, Rob now teaches others how to flip flea markets items and make money.

If you want to learn more about how to be a successful flipper, you can take this free workshop from Rob. He will teach you how to find the perfect items to flip and show you the insider secrets to grow your profits.

42. Teach Yoga and Fitness Classes

If you are a health & fitness enthusiast, one of the best side hustle jobs you should consider is to be a fitness or yoga teacher.

People tend to achieve their fitness goals better when they are working with a personal trainer. As a fitness coach, you will have to provide your clients with services like creating meal plans, drafting and overseeing their workout routines, etc.

The first step in becoming an instructor is to get certified. Once you are a certified practitioner, you can start teaching the same. You will be able to find jobs at local gyms and yoga studios. Or you can become a personal trainer.

And since many people prefer working out early in the morning or late at night, becoming a fitness instructor would be one of the perfect side jobs as you can hold your day job and still be an instructor.

43. Repair Services

Another profitable side gig is to offer repair services. If you have technical skills and know how to repair electronics and other everyday items, you could start a repair service.

You can start by helping friends and family. If you can successfully repair their devices, they are sure to refer you to more people.

This side gig has the potential to turn into a small business if you do well.

You do not have to limit yourself to just electronics repair services. If you have mechanical skills, you can also find jobs in car workshops.

If you do not have the necessary skills, you can always acquire them from people with experience. If you work with an electronics expert for a few months (even if that means accepting lower pay in the beginning) and acquire the necessary knowledge, you can start your own side business when you are ready.

When it comes to side hustle jobs, becoming a technician or a mechanic pays well and lets you work part-time at your convenience.

44. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Are you a tech nerd?

Do words like cryptocurrency, Non-Fungible Tokens, and mining get you excited?

If so, you should spend time investing and trading these crypto assets. There are hundreds of currencies that you can invest in. NFTs are also picking pace really fast with some of the NFTs are selling for millions of dollars recently.

Apart from trading them, you can also consider creating NFTs and selling them on platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, etc.

If you have enough computing power and technical know-how with you, you can consider mining promising new cryptocurrencies as well.

45. Investing & Day Trading

If you like high-pressure situations, adrenaline rides, and reading charts, and graphs, you should consider picking up day trading as a side hustle idea.

Please note that 95% of the traders lose money on the markets. If your whole aim of starting a side hustle is to make money, you should reconsider trading part-time.

But you can always become an investor with a long-term approach. It’s more safer and requires less time investment from your side. With the right stocks, you can also expect to make a two figure returns every year compared to the 5-7% the banks provide.

You can read “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham if you want to learn the art of value investing. Even though it was written in 1949, it’s still highly relevant today and is a recommended read by the legend Warren Buffett himself.

A part of value investing is dividend investing where you will be able to earn passive income in the form of dividends as well (apart from stock appreciation).

You can also consider trading the forex markets. It’s the biggest market with a daily turnover of more than 6 trillion dollars (Yes, trillion!). That doesn’t make forex any safer than trading stocks, but you can at least expect less volatility due to the huge trade volume.

46. Starting a Podcast

Podcasting is one of the most profitable online side hustles you can run. Like blogging, it costs a very small amount to get started (you just need the right mic and hosting), but pays a decent income for your efforts.

Of course, it takes some time grow your follower base (just like blogging or starting a YouTube channel). But once you have a follower base, you will be able to make a great side income from your podcast.

John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneurs On Fire makes around $200,000 every month through his Podcast. He has created a free podcast course to help budding entrepreneurs launch their podcast and make money from it. You can find the free course below.

Free Podcast Course From John Lee Dumas

47. Customer Service Jobs

If you like talking to and helping people, you can consider taking up a customer service job as a side gig at night.

You will be working in a customer center and helping your clients navigate the product issues they are facing.

If you have technical skills as well, you will make a good fit for many customer service jobs. You will be helping your clients through email or phone calls mostly.

If you are a patient listener who can explain things well, you should consider doing a customer service job at night.

48. Pet Care

Are you a pet lover?

If so, you can take up pet care side hustle jobs to make money. This includes side gigs such as pet walking, pet sitting, drop-in visits, day-care trips, boarding, etc.

If there are pet owners who are traveling or out of home, you could provide pet sitting services. Similarly, you can also find pet walking side jobs where you get to play around with pets and earn money for that. It’s the perfect side hustle idea for pet lovers!

To find pet care jobs, you can visit Rover.

49. Modeling & Movie Extras

One of the best side hustles if you are a movie lover is to be an extra. If you are living in a major city, you will probably have some shoots going around.

You cannot obviously make a lot of money as an extra, but you get the added satisfaction of sharing screen with your favorite actors (if you are into movies).

You can also consider taking up modeling side jobs. If you have a decent social media following, you have good chances of landing modeling and influencer gigs.

50. Become a Party Planner

Do you like planning and organizing?

If so, party planning might be a good fit for you. This side gig provides you with an opportunity to meet a lot of people. If you are an introvert, you should think it twice as party planning involves a lot of manpower management.

It will be hard to find clients in the beginning. You can start by planning smaller events like birthdays and retirement. Once you have built a list of initial clients you will start seeing more orders (and bigger ones like planning weddings) coming through word of mouth referrals.

Even though you may start out by organizing small events for your friends and family at weekends, this side gig has the potential to become a high-paying full-time job (or even a small business)!

51. Flipping Websites

If you are looking for lucrative side jobs from home, you can consider flipping websites. It’s a highly profitable side business that you perform at the comfort of your home.

As a website flipper, you will be buying and selling websites for a profit.

If you can find high-quality domains or blogs at a discounted price, you can buy them and sell them for a much greater price at flipping marketplaces like Flippa.

Flippers usually are SEO and social media experts. They buy a website with intermediate traffic, add more content and employ traffic-building methods like SEO and Pinterest marketing to get more site visitors and money. And once they have more visitors coming in, they resell the websites for a much larger price.

52. Cleaning Homes

Another side hustle idea to earn money fast is to take up house cleaning jobs.

You can list your service in online directories like Craigslist and even put up flyers in your neighborhood. Once you have 5-10 regular clients, you should be able to make more than $500 income every week.

The best part about this job is that you get work with absolute freedom. The expectation from you is very clear and if you can meet it, you will get more gigs from the same client.

You will also get referrals from your existing clients if you do a great job. And if you can find rich clients, they tend to pay really well. If you are willing to put in some physical effort (and not looking for side jobs from home alone), you should consider taking up cleaning homes as a side gig.

53. Start a Coaching Business

Coaching is a really big industry in itself and is one of the highest-paying side hustles you can take up.

If you are an expert at something (could be anything like a sports coach, life coach, fitness coach, corporate coach, etc), you can start a coaching service and work with individual clients.

The training is most effective when you are working with clients one-to-one. People who take up special coaching tend to be serious students and pay well. With multiple clients, you can expect to make a thousand dollars or more per week.

This is one of the most scalable side business ideas as well. Because once you improve your reputation and reach, you can start hiring other coaches and build a small business.

54. Provide Landscaping Services

There are many people truly passionate about lawn care and gardening. They more often than not hire people to mow the lawns, plant flowers and do some landscaping.

If you are happy to do landscaping jobs and get hands-on, this might be a good side gig for you. Typical work includes mowing, trimming, planting, weeding, etc. And if you have tools like lawnmowers available with you, you can make use of them to provide mowing services and make money.

This is one of the best side hustles for teens. If you live in a green neighborhood, you can help your neighbors with gardening and lawn mowing services and earn a pretty side income.

55. Become a Bookkeeper

Another highly profitable side hustle is to become a bookkeeper.

We often tend to confuse bookkeepers and accountants. To be more precise, bookkeepers usually manage and keep records of the financial transactions whereas accountants tend to analyze these transactions, help with taxes, etc.

Bookkeeping doesn’t require as much experience and education as accountants do. It’s much more easier to be a bookkeeper than a professional accountant.

The pay is also quite well for bookkeepers. You can expect to earn $20 to $40 per hour for your services.

Another great thing is that you can work remotely and be a digital bookkeeper for online businesses. This provides you with an opportunity to work from home and helps you build the base to launch an accounting career in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are Side Hustle Ideas?

According to Wikipedia, “A side job, also informally called a side hustle or side gig is an additional job that a person takes in addition to their primary job in order to supplement their income.” Many people take up side hustles out of their desire to earn more money apart from their regular job. Who wouldn’t mind earning an additional $1000 per month, right!

Side hustles are also popularly called as moonlighting since they are mostly done out of the regular working time and at night. And the best thing about side hustles is that they do not require big capital investments or advanced skillsets to earn money. They are not full-fledged business ideas per se. But they do have the potential to let you earn a nice side income in your spare time.

Are Side Hustles and Passive Income Ideas The Same?

Nope! They are not!

Side hustles are jobs that we perform apart from our regular job.

Passive Income Ideas are the ideas that generate an income passively. That means you do not need to be an active participant to earn money with passive income ideas. It’s more like a set up once and earn forever model.

Anyone wanting to achieve success in their life must learn how to generate passive income. Like Warren Buffet once said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” This stresses the importance of passive income.

Can some side hustle ideas be passive income ideas as well?

Yes, they can. And such ideas are the best. Because you will be building a passive income asset simultaneously while earning a small side hustle income at the beginning.

Examples of such ideas include building a blog, self-publishing ebooks, newsletter business, online courses, etc. These ideas do not require you to work full-time. You can work on them apart from your regular job and still earn a passive income for the years to come.

Please note that passive income ideas mostly tend to require more time investment. Even though you may make less money than an active side hustle at the beginning, a passive income idea pays more in the long term. As an aspiring business person, your aim should be to build passive income sources.

As Robert Kiyosaki (the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) says, “The moment you make passive income and portfolio income a part of your life, your life will change. Those words will become flesh.” There is another popular quote also from him, “You can only be financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses.” If you have not read Rich Dad Poor Dad yet, we urge you to read it at the earliest. You will understand how important it is to build passive income sources in order to be financially successful.

How to Start a Side Hustle?

Want to start a side hustle, but not sure where to get started?

Do not worry, follow these steps to learn how to start a side hustle.

  • Come up with a list of ideas that you are interested in
  • Decide if you are willing to make a financial investment or not. Based on this decision, filter the ideas you have come up with.
  • Decide if you want to start a scalable side business that requires time to grow and make money (like blogging, podcasting, starting a YouTube channel, dropshipping, etc) or if you want to choose a side hustle that pays for the hours you worked (freelancing, delivery agent, etc).
  • Decide the number of hours and time of the day you can invest in your side hustle. If you are a student or a working professional, you can choose an appropriate schedule late at night or early in the morning depending on your preference.
  • Decide if you want to choose any of the side hustles from home or if you are willing to get outdoors.
  • Make sure that there is no conflict of interest between the chosen side hustle idea and your actual day job.
  • Based on these criteria, you can choose the best side gig for you.
  • Invest your time in getting trained at your chosen side hustle. Read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch Youtube videos, attend courses, and learn as much as you can about the side job you chose.
  • Take action and get started with your side hustle idea.

Which is the Best Side Hustle Idea?

There is no perfect side hustle for everyone. It varies with people depending on their interests, skillsets, how much time they are able to devote, etc. You can choose a side hustle that meets your earnings requirement and available time.

What are Some of the Best Free Side Hustles?

The best free side hustles include becoming a freelancer (writing, proofreading, graphic designing, voice-over services, etc on free platforms like Fiverr), starting a YouTube channel, filling surveys, and self-publishing e-books.

Which Side Hustles Require a Small Financial Investment, But Has Unlimited Income Potential?

The best side hustles to choose are the ones with unlimited income potential. This is because they provide us with an opportunity to become financially independent.

A few of the best side hustle ideas that require minimal financial investment, but provide an unlimited earning potential are starting a blog, dropshipping, podcasting, affiliate marketing, and email marketing.

These ideas typically require a small upfront investment (less than $100 usually) but have great upside potential. There are blogs that generate millions of dollars in income every year, podcasts that receive hundreds of millions of downloads, and more.

Not everyone will achieve such massive success. But earning a few thousand dollars as a blogger is a very realistic target that you can achieve.

What Are The Benefits of Starting a Side Hustle?

There are many benefits to starting a side hustle. Let’s see a few of them!

You can supplement your income and earn more money – If you are not satisfied with the money you are making and want to earn more, the best solution is to start a side hustle and make money from it. It could be because you are not able to pay off your bills, maybe you need a little more money to go on that dream trip, or you want to surprise your parents with a new car. The best way to supplement your income from your day job is to start a side hustle.

You get to follow your passion in the form of a side hustle – Be it teaching kids, starting a blog, or playing with pets, you can do things you love and make money from doing it.

You can build sources of passive income and achieve financial independence – The only way to secure your financial future is to build sources of passive income. Side hustles have the ability to turn to passive income businesses and can help you reach your financial goals faster.

You can pay off your debts faster – If you are drowning in student or credit card debts, the best thing to do is to earn more money and get out of debt. Starting a side hustle can help you do that.

You can expand your skillsets – If you wish to pick up additional skills, you can do that by starting a side gig. For example, you can pick up coding skills by taking up small freelance projects and learning on the job.

You get to build a new career on the side – Starting a side hustle offers you an opportunity to build a new career. This is especially true if you hate your day job and constantly feel like you should do something more meaningful.

How Much Money Can You Earn From Side Hustles?

This depends on the side hustle idea you chose. Some ideas make you $200 a month (filling surveys, getting freebies, cashback sites, etc), some $2000 a month (blogging, YouTube channels, freelancing, etc), and some others make you $20,000 a month (when your side hustles scale).

Generally speaking, you can expect to make around a thousand dollars per month when starting out and more than $5000 per month after 1-2 years once your idea scales and you keep at it.


If you are planning to start a side hustle, we highly recommend you to think of it as an actual business and try to pick an idea that is scalable and generates passive income.

Passive income is how we achieve financial freedom. Passive income ideas like blogging and starting a YouTube channel may take some time before you see actual results. But if you can keep at it consistently, you will be able to scale your side hustle to great heights and be well on your way to financial independence.