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12 Best Part-Time Evening & Night Jobs to Make an Extra $2000!

12 Best Part-Time Evening & Night Jobs to Make an Extra $2000!

Searching for the best night jobs to make some extra money every month?

Here is a list of 12 amazing jobs you would love (that pays quite well)!

1. Becoming a Freelance Proofreader

Want to earn money correcting mistakes?

If you have a good eye to spot errors, have a good grasp of any language, and love reading, you should consider becoming a proofreader.

It’s a side hustle idea that you can take up part time and is a perfect night hustle idea.

As a proofreader, you dictate the number of hours you work and how much workload you want to take up. You can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working for yourself.

Your main job would be find mistakes in the script you will be given. From grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors to formatting, you have to identify them and correct them for your clients.

In this age of increased digital and content marketing, proofreaders are in great demand and you can find work quite easily. You can expect to earn $30-$50 per hour as a beginner proofreader. And significantly more once you are experienced and have good clients.

Caitlin Pyle, the founder of Proofread Anywhere, used to earn more than $40K every year through proofreading alone. Being a highly successful freelance proofreader, she started Proofread Anywhere to help others learn the same and find clients.

If you want to learn how to get started as a proofreader, you can take Caitlin’s free workshop. The workshop is fully free and you can learn so much about making money as a freelance proofreader.

Free Proofread Anywhere Workshop

2. Starting a Blog

Let me guess what’s going through your mind right now, “Really? Blogging? Does it still work?”


The answer is, yes!!!

Blogging still works quite well. Like starting a YouTube channel, the competition is tough now. You will have to put in more time and effort to be a successful blogger. But it’s still one of most powerful passive income ideas.

The blog posts you create will always stay online and will keep making you money on the side. As a blogger, you have multiple avenues to make money- affiliate marketing, display advertising, sponsorships, etc.

Unlike being a proofreader or VA, you cannot start making money instantly. As a blogger, you will have to create an audience first.. It takes time. Might be a couple of months, might be a couple of years, but it does take some time. The good thing is that it’s a passive income idea and you can continue making money from your posts forever.

Blogging also offers you a lot of flexibility and freedom. It’s scalable too (once your blog grows, it can easily make you a full-time income and more). If you enjoy writing during your free time, you should consider starting a blog.

Jump Ahead & Learn How to Start a Successful Blog

3. Become a Transcriptionist

Want to make money converting audio and video files to text?

Yes, you can make money transcribing audio files!

Similar to proofreading, you can find a lot of opportunities as a transcriptionist in this increasing age of digital marketing.

This job also provides you the flexibility to work at night (or at any time) and pays well.

You can find a variety of transcriptionist work including services for bloggers, YouTubers and podcasters to legal and medical transcription services that pay highly.

If you wish to jumpstart your transcription career, you can attend the free General Transcription Mini-Course offered by Transcribe Anywhere.

Taught by Janet Shaughnessy, a professional transcriptionist & owner of Zoom Transcription Services with over 10 years of experience, this free course will teach you all about becoming a six-figure transcriptionist and finding high-paying work easily.

Free Transcription Mini-Course

4. Flipping Flea Market Items Online

Another highly profitable way to make money online is flea market flipping.

Flea market flipping is the art of buying household items from garage sales and thrift stores at a discount and selling them online at a profit. You can sell these products through your own store or platforms such as eBay and Craigslist.

Sounds crazy?

It’s true. You can make insane profits by flipping flea market items.

Rob and Melissa, the founders of Flea Market Flipper have been flipping items since 2015 and make over $100,000 annually.

They have a free Flipping Workshop where they will take you through the A-Z of flea market flipping and help you make your first $100 flipping used/old items in 7 days. Ready to take up the flipping challenge?

Learn from the free workshop by Rob and Melissa below!

Free Flipping Workshop ($100 in 7 Days Challenge)

5. Become an Amazon Seller

Marketplace superheroes - Become an Amazon Seller

Did you know that you can become an Amazon seller easily?

In fact, there are people who earn millions of dollars as Amazon sellers.

So, what can you sell on Amazon?

We can sell anything and everything, from physical products (like soaps, notebooks, clothes, kitchen utensils, etc), digital products, or your own merchandise all via Amazon. You can make use of the Amazon FBA program to fully outsource the shipping activities to Amazon and focus more on the sales part.

Robert and Stephen, million-dollar Amazon super-sellers have set up Marketplace Superheroes, to help beginners learn how to make $10,000+ every month selling simple products online.

Through this free webinar, they will teach you exactly how they have sold items globally and built a ‘mini empire’ on Amazon with no outside funding!

From why you don’t need to sell hundreds of different products, finding hidden gem products, what to avoid, and the #1 way to create a global Amazon “mini-empire”, they’ll let you in on the secret sauce to achieving Amazon success.

Ready to get started with your Amazon seller journey?

Learn below from the best in the industry today!

Free Webinar – How to Build a 5-Figure Global Amazon Mini-Empire

6. Become a Virtual Assistant

Another high paying night job you can consider is becoming a virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant, you will be helping businesses virtually from a remote location. The work could be anything from social media management, content creation, documentation/administrative work, etc.

You can decide the type of work you want to take up.

As a VA, you can expect to earn $30 or more per hour if you are from the US. As your skills and expertise improves, you can start making $50 or more per hour.

Gina Horkey, from the Horkey Handbook, used to earn $48,000+ in side income every year as a virtual assistant while holding a full-time job. After achieving success as a virtual assistant, she has been teaching people how to start and grow their VA businesses by sharing her own journey.

If you want to learn more about being a VA, you can download her free VA Workbook where she will teach you about the services you can offer as a VA,  how to land your first paying client, and show you how her students were able to break into the VA industry successfully.

Free VA Workbook

7. Start a YouTube Channel

Ever thought of starting a YouTube channel?

Probably yes, didn’t never the took action, right?

Even though it might seem that starting an YouTube channel might be competitive today, there is still a lot of opportunity present.

Unlike 5 years ago when the quantity of videos mattered, you have to make high-quality videos today. But if you can make quality videos, there is still a lot of money to be made from YouTube.

And above all, it’s a passive income idea.

The videos you create will stay in YouTube forever and will continue making you money on the side. Without you doing anything.

Quite awesome right?

So, if you like being in front of a camera, enjoy editing videos, and is creative, you should probably try starting a YouTube channel.

8. Become a Freelance Writer

If you love writing, but doesn’t want to wait for some months to see passive income flowing in through blogging, you can consider becoming a freelance writer.

As a freelance writer, you find writing gigs and provide your service to them. From writing blogposts, academic essays to books, you can find a variety of writing gigs online.

You can join platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc., to provide your writing service and find clients.

As a freelance writer, you can decide when and where you want to work. It’s another night hustle like being a proofreader or VA that you can start today and earn money from.

9. Drive for DoorDash, Uber, or Lyft

Enough with the online jobs, want some outdoor night job ideas?

If so, you can consider become a delivery agent for food delivery companies like DoorDash or a driver for ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft.

All you need is a vehicle of your own and good driving skills. And you are not limited to just cars, you can use two-wheelers as well for making your deliveries.

It’s a job that’s increasingly being taken up by college students as they can drive at night and make a good income to pay off their tuition fees.

10. Online Tutoring

How about teaching online?

If you have expertise in any particular subject, you can consider becoming an online tutor.

Be it physics, arts, politics, english, or music, you can teach students online at night.

Wondering who learns at mid-night?

That’s the best thing about internet. We are now connected to the entire world, not just our own countries.

If you are from the US or Canada, you can consider teaching English to an Asian student. Due to the time difference, it might be night for you, but it would be day-time for your students.

Similarly, you can consider teaching any subject of your expertise. You do not need a PhD to be a tutor, you only need to be an effective communicator, have sound knowledge of what you teach, and have a good internet connection (yeah, that’s very important, you need a stable network for teaching).

11. Customer Service Jobs

Do you like helping people solve technical problems?

If so, you can consider taking up customer service jobs at night.

As a customer service agent, you will be working in a service Center (like a call center) and helping clients solve the technical and product-related issues they are facing.

All you need is good people skills and some technical skills. You have to be a patient listener and courteous to your clients. That’s a very important part of the job.

You cannot get angry when people doesn’t understand stuff even after explaining five times. If you are patient person, have some technical skills, and like helping people out, you can consider this job.

12. Bartending

When it comes to night jobs, no list is complete without bartending.

It’s one of the best night hustles, especially if you are looking for ideas that gets you out of your home and connect with people.

As a bartender, your hourly pay might be lower, but you definitely will make a decent income through tips.

The best part is that you will enjoy the role as it’s fun and get to connect with people.

13. App & Web Development

Here comes the best idea for techies.

If you are good at coding and has sound knowledge in any of the languages (C, C++, Java, etc.), you can consider provider your services as a freelance developer.

You can find work on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Be it small WordPress tweaks or building a custom software from ground up, you can take up work depending on your area of specialty.

Developments skills are highly priced and pays really well. Even if you are not a developer, but is interested in learning a new skill, you should consider picking up coding skills. It’s very relevant in the 21st century.

You can make a great income working on the side as a freelance developer. And once you have some satisfied clients who are willing to give you more projects, you can become a full-time freelance developer or start your own agency.

Or you can put the freelance projects you did in your resume and find jobs in cutting-edge tech firms. Coding is a priced skill that pays really well in 21st century.

14. Filling Surveys

Yes, you read that right!

You can make money filling surveys.

Crazy right!

Consumer research is an important part of all businesses. They want to understand their customers and target segment better. In order to do that, they conduct surveys and pay people for attending them.

But how do you find these surveys?

You can find them through survey platforms. Companies like American Consumer Opinion (ACOP), Swagbucks, etc., connects these businesses with the target audience they are looking for.

It’s not a small industry. Many survey platforms pay millions of dollars to their survey attendees every year!

You might not get rich filling surveys. But you can easily make an extra couple hundred dollars every month filling 5-minute surveys. Who wouldn’t want that right!

Fill Surveys at American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)

Enjoyed the list?

Let us know the other night jobs & part-time side hustle ideas that you believe should make it to this list in the comments section below!