21 Best Airport Tricks & Tips To Know

If you know the appropriate tactics, airport navigation may be more straightforward and fun. Years of travel experience have taught these airport tips, from expediting security to finding quiet spaces to unwind. These 21 airport suggestions will improve your airport experience, regardless of your travel experience.

Always Have A Snack

Airport costs are higher than elsewhere, yet still cheap. If you don’t eat at the airport, carry a snack to take on the aircraft. I mean almonds, chips, protein bars, etc., not chicken curry in a pot.

You want to avoid airport fees, but if you’re delayed on the tarmac or at the airport, you may wait a long time. I was canceled on a flight and spent 3 hours at the gate waiting area. There was no food. I included a snack because of this.

Empty Water Bottle

You may have heard that taking an empty water bottle saves money. Most airports feature water stations where you may fill your bottle without paying $5. It could be better airport advice, but it’s handy.

Mobile Ticket To E-wallet

Save time searching for your boarding ticket via emails and applications. Just download the pass to your phone for easy access. Printed copies are also recommended in case your phone dies.

Organize Your Documents

Another basic tip. Keeping all your papers in one location makes sense for easy access. You may arrange everything in one bag pocket, a folder, or any way you wish. Avoid throwing documents in your case, backpack, pockets, etc. You’ll lose track of everything, fear you’ve misplaced vital papers, or lose them.

For Unselected Seats, Request Preferred Seats

Asking for your chosen seats at airport check-in is OK. Just ask for outer-row seats. You may request additional legroom seats, which are typically expensive and rare.

Fake Wi-fi Name

I know numerous airport visitors who sign up for marketing emails because they provide their genuine information for wi-fi.

Get Security Before

A significant issue for me is when somebody “messes up” the system. Everyone is delayed and inconvenienced. Preparing for security speeds up the process for everyone. In the morning, remove your belts, watches, etc., and put them in your hand baggage.

Pack everything in your hand baggage, take out your significant devices at security, and you’re done! You don’t have to stand there for 10 minutes undressing, searching your hundreds of pockets, and removing jewelry. It simplifies travel and accelerates security.

Before You Go, Research The Airport And The Airline

Information about the airport might assist you with travel. If there are three terminals, you must know from which one you’re leaving. Some airports provide security wait times that help you plan your departure. Researching the airline reveals luggage limitations, flight specifics, what’s included, and more. Being ready simplifies life.

Information About Research Connections

Trust me, connections are complicated. They only provide a little time to interact. There have been instances when the connection took 45 minutes, and the next terminal took 30. Before you leave, you must know what you’re doing, or you’ll meander aimlessly and miss your flight.

Keep A Change Of Clothing In Your Hand Luggage

Simple yet effective. If your flight is canceled but your baggage arrives. You must board your aircraft again before you can obtain that luggage. If you’re staying at a hotel overnight, bring a change of clothing. Being prepared makes sense, as I’ve seen this happen several times. Besides, it won’t weigh down your hand baggage.

Locate Peace

Some find airports daunting. You may desire a peaceful location to sleep or work. Most people assume you’re stuck in the departure lounge until you board. This is false.

My most excellent airport suggestion is to wander around the gate sections, and you will locate vacant, peaceful gates with power plugs. To clarify, if you come from a tiny nation and the airport has one room, there is no additional space. Many airports provide calm, vacant spaces where you may rest.

Consider Luggage Limits

It’s more of a flying tip but still relevant and differs per airline. Weight limitations are changing on several planes, creating a constant issue. Some flights I’ve flown allow just 20kg checked and 7kg hand baggage. I think 7kg is crazy. I was overweight with a laptop, cords, and two beverages; the airline charged $60.

On the next trip, I could check 23kg and had no hand baggage weight limits. Check before flying since there is no consistency. This is typical of inexpensive carriers. If an airline summons customers to weigh their hand baggage, leave computers or bulky goods with a buddy around the corner while you weigh your bag.

Airports That Provide

Did you know certain airports feature Deliveroo or a similar service if you want food but don’t want to wait in a packed restaurant? Order meals via an app and have them delivered to your gate to enjoy peace. It’s likely lazy, but it’s one of my favorite airport suggestions.

Remember To Complete Your Landing Card

I missed a little piece on my landing card and waited 2 hours at security. The office had me leave the line, reload the card, and start again. I felt outraged, yet it was my fault. Don’t risk jumping back in line fill out the forms.

Don’t Stress Connecting Flights

Some connecting flights have 1-hour connections. The airline you booked with is responsible for getting you to your destination. Don’t worry if your first flight is delayed and you have 10 minutes to catch your connection. Do hurry up, but don’t worry.

Airlines generally detain an aircraft as long as possible to guarantee connecting passengers arrive. They have a list of connecting passengers, and 30–40 individuals on your plane may be connecting with you. If your flight is delayed more than an hour, you’ll be rescheduled for the following flight since other passengers won’t wait.

Dress In Warm Clothing

Airports and aircraft are chilly. Unless you have 100% humidity and no air conditioning. Even when leaving a hot place, have warm clothing to change into. If you don’t, you’ll freeze, and I can’t stand that cold on aircraft or airports.

Understand The Benefits Of Credit Cards

Some credit cards provide complimentary airport lounge admission. I’ve used several and prefer them over congested departure lounges. You’ll get free food and booze, so win-win. This might be a travel and airport tip.

Pre-charge Everything

I’ve gone to large international airports without charging plugs. Always charge your devices and bring a portable charger. Be ready to use your phone for the boarding pass or your laptop for last-minute work.

If you become stopped or delayed and can’t call anybody to change plans, you’ll stress out much more, so don’t use your phone while it’s 15% battery to conserve it for emergencies. DO NOT turn it off—it may die and not restart. Powering a phone uses more battery than leaving it on.

Avoid Airport Currency Changes

I only change currencies if I’m in a tiny nation without credit cards. Avoid airports if you need money or like carrying cash. Usually, the worst rates. You can exchange money at the destination or a trusted place at home. If you want to avoid using your card, put your money onto a travel card to avoid carrying cash.

Locate A Good Place To Sleep

If you stay overnight at an airport or need a nap, find a comfortable bed. Staying at an airport means staying in the main lobby, as airport exits are usually shut overnight. For comfort, I had to sleep on the floor or embark on an adventure at Gatwick Airport London, where every seat and bench was occupied.

After 30 minutes, I spotted a non-restricted stairway near the airport’s rear. Inside the stairway was a chairlift for handicapped access; it was perhaps the comfiest seat in the airport, and I was never bothered. Whenever I returned to the airport, I slept there without anybody knowing.

Backup Plan

Someday, your plans will shift without your control. You need a backup plan if an essential trip or flight is canceled on the day. You should find the next flight to your location and store it on your phone. You can buy your flight at that site if the worst happens.

You should obtain a refund for the canceled flight, even if you pay more. If you need to book another flight, book one way as you’ll still have your return ticket from the cancelation. Tell the airline you’re still taking the return trip.


Airport navigation skills enhance your trip. These ideas make traveling through busy airports easy, from security to baggage limitations. These airport tips can streamline your holiday or business journey.

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